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Thursday, December 13, 2007

you're doing a heck of a job, brownie

ah yeah, let's do it. I'm opening up this blog to a select few guest/mystery bloggers. You must sign up to blog for at least 2 days (LAUREN!) and must generate at least 1 post per day ... otherwise, i'll reveal who you are and call you a douchebag on the interwebs.

It can be completely anonymouse, or you can log-in as your own acct. Just tell me what your nomeDAYplume is and what days you want the trigger.

I will select a few bloggers to guest write ... whatever they want. I won't reveal blogger day-jobs unless they say so, or until the feds turn the water bucket on me.

Guest blogging will run 12/16/07 - 12/30/07 ... no blogs from me, i'm on vacation.
12/31/07 = sign off of the Vanderhoot blog. guh-bye.
1/1/08 = new stuff, hopefully.

DEADLINE to submit application to be Mystery VanderBlogger: 12/15/07'ish. but, if you like how its going and want to sign up later ... maybe they'll be a day or two open.

submit to me, dark overlord vanderpoop (via the emails: pedalhome(at)
1. blogging name you'll use
2. what days you want your red X on
3. how many viagra emails you get per day

- - - - -

MysteryVanderBloggers (as of 12/13/07):
1. die Grumbeere
2. griff
3. Captain Manfred Von Richtofen
4. KarlRover
5. Blogger Hogger

- - - - -

Calling for guest bloggers*

I'm slammed for another couple weeks at work. Anybody interested in going hog-wild and unedited on a website that gets more traffic than appropriate?

can be anonymouse, btw.

send me word through the interwebs if interested and which bloc of days you'd like the helm (5-10 day blocs ... yeah, there are a couple of you i have in mind)

been doing this site for a while now ... need a new project, cuz' familiarity breeds contempt. may have to pull and re-invent.
so it goes.

- - - - -


Boots said...

oh hai

just stopped by on a whim, didn't realize that you're still on this gig... thot the reins were handed over to a 12-year old dutch kid.


Olaf Vanderhoot said...

i'll sign you up for xmas eve, pretty boy

Velo Bella said...

I call bullshit

Boots said...

dank u veel, meester!

dr-nitro said...

Yeah, a junky's promise. I can give it up when ever I want. Sure.

I bet the mystery blogger will be named something like Oleander Vanderboobie. No relationship whatsoever to Olaf.

lauren said...

i'll do a day. but that's it. 5 days is too much pressure.

does it have to be about bike riding and epo and stuff like that though?

can it be about the first time i had sex or something?

velogirl said...

dude! it's like withholding sex -- just don't do it.

hey, did you see Ken Gallardo got 9th @ Natz?

jen said...

outsourcing the bloggin's?

so funny.

CyclistRick said...

We have an office in a nice 3rd world hole that can handle all your outsourcing requirements. :-)

Alexandre Vinokourov said...

This very niiiice opportunity for me to learn if there is any nice friendship in da USA. I have learned that there is no friendship in Europe.

Michael Ball said...

I'll F****** do it!

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

so good.

Chris Horner said...

If he's going to do it - then I'm taking a turn after him. How do I upload a jpg of my RR $$ Contract?

Floyd and Tyler said...

We've a little time on our hands and have prepared a nice powerpoint.

Ippoc Amic said...

daisy wants to write, but she'll have to ask for some help...

Ippoc Amic said...

p.s. No days for Daisy...she didn't understand the question...

Velo Bella said...

I don't understand why you need to pull a plug on a blog just to change it. Why not just change it? The only thing you can't change is the url, and that doesn't mean anything anyway.

And the powerpoint comment was funny.

Jesse Jackson said...

Oh love I would, the chance TO pon TIF icate and TITillate. An opportunitytoENGAGE in a linguistical masturbate. Bestow-ilize this chance upon a certain mustachioed Reverend, my Mahogany mate.

Tyler "I spend way to much time on the internet" Dibble said...

How much traffic do you get a day, anyways? Just curious...

X Bunny said...

s'pose there's a favorite post or two we'd all miss

Chris said...

there will be parties, there will be fun....there will be prizes for everyone.....I'm in for a New Year's Slot...

Nome Agusta said...

Less is more.