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Thursday, December 13, 2007

thanks for clearing that up

VN's Neil Rogers let's Rock Racing's Ball roll on.

here, defending any rumor against KayLeogrande getting popped at Superweek.

There is not another sport in the world that eats its young the way cycling does. As you can see, I'm a passionate individual, but I'm very passionate about that, especially when I hear these things about Kayle. When you look at what happened with Puerto, and you look at [2007 Tour de France winner Alberto] Contador, he was involved in that, he's still racing. Of course. Why? Because he is the son of f---ing Spanish nationals. Period. What, are they going to throw him to the wolves? No way. [Contador was cleared by both a Spanish judge and the UCI.-VN Editor]

to which he follows the logic model ...

NR: So there was no hesitation for you to bring Botero to the team even though he was implicated in Puerto?

MB: F--- no. No way. There is nothing there, man. Nothing. Zero. The Colombian national federation has cleared him, there's nothing else there. And there's another tragedy right there, that's another case of an amazing talent that has been spooked and run out of cycling.

and i said, right on.
i coudn't come close to finishing the thing


JHL said...

Rarely does VN toss up a gem like that interview -- the RR head honcho comes off as "a tad odd." In addition to the bass ackwards logic, he goes on a rant about how overrated Horner is, says his "enforcers" will protect Botero and suggests that Andreu is basically limited to driving the car on race day. Way to make friends, buddy, way to make friends.

biscuits and gravy said...

Not a big fan of this Ball fellow. I've read articles about how he pays his riders to win races and doesn't care about anything else. He and people like him are the reason for this doping culture. Plus his glam jeans and macho attitude make me feel funny.

Velo Bella said...

I like when someone tries to do something different in the sport. But rolling up in Escalades is not impressive nor creative.

I do like their kits.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of trying something different! How about the new tour of america. Can't wait for the kingman arizona stage in september.

jAndy donka-donk said...

The Don King of domestic cycling....

I like the color it is bringing, the curve balls and left field thinking. He made me read VsNooze with interest at a time when I haven't browsed the daily news in some time....

I hope he has wins, dirty riders, on camera rants, siiiker kits and more tatted riders next season. Will keep this borderline boring sport more interesting...

but since he has his hand in everything, I think he needs to hire some better shoe designers, took a peak last night and wasn't impressed.....

Little_Jewford said...

So is this B.S.? (from some official
M.B. bio)

"By the late ’80s, Michael was considered one of the fastest, smartest and most aggressive cyclists on the circuit. The avid athlete had discovered he had the stamina to succeed at any task he took on. Michael won the LA Tri-Sprint Series and then went on to the national track rankings where he conquered the Velodrome. But an unfortunate racing crash forced him to put his racing aspirations on hold."

I've followed track racing since the very early 90's and I dont remember his name. He could have been ranked top 5 in the old AVC standings or something like that and I wouldn't know his name but if he "conquered the velodrome", which I would think is some sort of National Championship I'm sort of suprised I've never heard of him.

ON VB's tip of "doing something different in sport", I dig what your saying but bringing on someone like Frankie as a D.S. then basically implying he doesn't call the important shots isn't exactly what I'd call "innovative".

Final note, I'm always skeptical of anyone (sponsor, owner, promoter) who rolls into a niche sport and says "I'm going to make this sport ROCK!" .... like the pop-cultural glamification sexing up of a sport(got all that) is going to make it an instant hit. We've seen it with cycling in the past (team pro crit racing) and other sports (indoor lacrosse and soccer) and I dont think its EVER worked. Gregg Lemond and Lance raised the profile of cycling in the US through winning the biggest traditional prize in cycling, not because they were part of a fashionable team.

Ball will come and go without ever getting his yellow jersey, unless he takes the traditional route and hires a cycling management group that has the talent to get it done, then sticks to his talents, like making over priced jeans and harassing women.

Anonymous said...

I assume you guys have heard about the new Rock Racing Women's Team - supposedly a regional team, but all the women I have heard of are based in SoCal. The criteria to be on the squad - being HOT. I'm sure Ball was the one giving the thumbs up or down on each woman that expressed an interest in the team.

I can't wait to see the excellent team work that I'm sure these ladies will display.

Tyler said...

Ball seems like a chump in every interview Ive ever read. However, from what I know about how he ACTUALLY runs the team (not what he claims to do, but what really happens) he seems to be doing some good things. Not may teams gave full coverage health insurance. The guy is a moron with an overinflated ego, but he is doing some good. I say lets see where it goes, and at the very least be entertained by it all...


Whutta Dork said...

little jewford,

If I do say so myself,

VERY well said

Levi Strauss of the Rockies said...

I used to sponsor a cycling team too. But our jerseys were cooler.

Is "Knob" is a synonym for Ball?

Does being "Rock & Roll" mean being an arrogant jerk?

And Colombians have never looked the other way regarding drugs have they?

dr-nitro said...

Nut job. When he got to the Contador accusation, I did not finish the sentence before I thought "Botero, aye, buddy?"

WWF on wheels. LA image obsession driven ego. Not that I mind the tats--although I suspect that it is a hidden prejudice that the Ball man would most likely identify in me--or some level of brashness, but insulting everyone that does not take your paycheck, or questions how you run things is not a good business model. Okay, maybe for flashy over priced jeans, but shit man, a bit of diplomacy is required to work within institutions.

Sure, there are some fucked up things going in the sport. But take a page out of Stapleton's book (maybe not the spying thing, though), and work to fix it. When your rider gets wrongly accused, don't sound like a conspiratorial nut job, just state that that is shameful, and move on. However, I suspect, like many conspiratorial nut jobs, he savors the attacks. It is his justification for lobbing bombs.

What sucks the most about this nut job is that he is dumping a big chunk of change on the sport. You gotta love that in times of dope induced sponsorship drought. However, I just don't see his model having a snowball effect, attracting new sponsors to the sport. Call up Stapleton, nut job Ball, and take some notes.

dr-nitro said...

I was going to post about the twisted logic over the Horner situation (we wanted to give him a butt load of money, he is not worth a dime), and apparently Horner has already replied.

Fuck with the bull, get the Horner.

But Ball's point on Astana shows that he is either clueless, or, as I think I said, a conspiratorial nut job, noting that it is hypocritical that Astana will probably get a Tour birth. The old management is gone. The busted riders are out. It is only the same team in sponsorship, and a few left over riders. A sponsor should not be banned, as long as they are not complicit in any doping regime. That would be bad for the sport. But maybe he can't disentangle the sponsorship/management role, since that is how it should work in his fat head.

Nut job.

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

meow, baby.


Adam said...

Tyler, why are you on this site when you should be studying for your EXB final in 2 hours. Isn't that why you're at crepeville lol.

Lyne said...

I hear some of his riders are on a day-to-day salary. Ouch.

Anonymous said...

"Dr." Nitro is an interesting paradox, being THE Judge of everyone and everything must be difficult work. How much has the good "doctor" done for our sport compared to Mr. Ball? At least the guy is trying in his own style, he isn't trying to be somebody else, claiming to be a doctor of all things.
If we had more Rock Racing-type personality going on, (our OWN personality, right or wrong compared to others'!) maybe we wouldn't, as a cycling unity, be so uncomfortable as we are now, riding with that Louisville Slugger attitude up our ass, and our nose in the air, now would we?

Mr. Man said...

Dear Mr. Ball,

Why the need to be such an insecure prick all the time? No one is impressed and many are unimpressed.

FYI. Some teenagers called. They want their F-word back.

dr-nitro said...

Ph.D. Texas A&M = doc (mind you, after going through the process, the title is overrated)

Cal Poly Wheelman faculty advisor = giving back when I can (don't have the bankroll to do more unfortunately)

And like everyone, a judger of all, and clearly above being judged by others.

It's not that Ball has a different approach. It is not that he is flash, although it is a bit because he is brash. It is that he accuses and then claims victim when accused. It's that when he makes certain statements, they cause harm instead of helping the cause (Horner for instance).

Beat your chest and say your riders are the best. It's sport, and ego plays a big roll in crossing the line first. Take pride that you hire tattooed love gods. He is in a business, after all, that is profitable only when the image is promoted and sold, and he is selling an image (even though I admit that the LA image makes my stomach turn). But there is no need tear others down when you are promoting your image. And don't make false claims in order to sell yourself (Horner claims again).