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Friday, December 14, 2007

clearing space

I've got too much to catch up on today, but ... it won't happen.

  1. get Stevil his pretty pink things from the LA velodrome trip. let them drip into his hands.
  2. discuss, at length, how f*ing pissed i am to not have been able to unleash a full stank of hernando upon the socalites. so f*ing pissed ... and i wanted some of that cash.
  3. respect Paul Sadoff for all the VOS Team bikes he's making. check it, yo.
  4. call "bullshit" to anyone who says they actually enjoy racing cross nationals like it's ice capades.

    i mean ... ew.
  5. drop a few more f*bombs because i missed the Pilarcitos final to go to that stupid Velodrome race. but, it was worth it. oh, the faces of the Socalites as they attempted to understand and place me in their heirarchy of cool.

    hint: just go to the bottom rung, and you'll see me camped out, partying ... laughing about shit. crazy.

  6. ichin' for a bike ride after actual days off the bike. a rest bloc ... it's just about turning me sideways with go-juice.

    i hate rest.

- - -


TreBone said...

OV, you'll be kicking azz and takin' names soon enough.

Save space for me at the bottom rung for the par-tay.

Lyne said...

U.S. mountain bike and cyclo-cross pro Georgia Gould has started a petition asking for equal prize money for women and men:

Velo Bella said...

Protect the pig!!

Velo Bella said...

ohh...can I have some pig pictures?

Anonymous said...

suck on your seat tube and love it as you deep throat it for the soclialites