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Thursday, December 20, 2007

thanks, Wolff

got sent this vid of the great kiddie fall of Melbourne '07

le ouch.


Anonymous said...

what's crazy is the guy who gets his helmet clipped off by another rider.

holee shyte

Velo Bella said...


young kids sure can bounce around a lot and still walk away....

Anonymous said...

Kinda makes me wonder how many riders would have gone down if they used brakes on the track.

Chris said...

a capacity crowd of 5,000?


Little_Jewford said...

would you trust a medic with a mohawk?

side note: my spell checker wants me to capitalize "Mohawk"...that was sort of unexpected

Anonymous said...

INteresting in that the crash went up in the straight, that might be one of the reasons for so many riders falling. Usually they go down the track and people try to squeeze up rather than down. So training would not have paid off in this one.

broxster said...

someone eventually got over the top safely once everyone who fell started to slide down track.