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Monday, December 03, 2007

good works

I met Matthew Werner climbing up boonydoon hill one fine autumn Tuesday.

He does custom furniture/woodwork out of the sCruz like nobody's business. But, what gets me teary-eyed is the volunteering of time and resources he does for the Iraq Project.

If anyone is looking for a good idea for a ConsumerMass gift for a bike rider in your life ... the Iraq Junior National Cycling Team jersey might be the perfect thing to spend your dollars on.

"Equipment is mediocre at best. Many of the handlebars lack tape, and some don't even have brake pads. But they're riding their bikes, and that's a feat itself in a country where drivers are regularly killed by IEDs (improvised explosive devices), gunfire and horrific traffic accidents." [LINK]

it goes to help, it feels right, it looks good.

think about it. i mean, really think about it.


Brent said...

I was just talking to someone about Matthew and the Iraq project 2 days ago.. is there some type of bug in my house???

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

camera only.

no sound needed. i just like to look at the pretty things and make up my own stories.

Matt the Ratt said...

Thanks for the post OV...good news is those jersey sales helped put the project in the black...bad news is we have only 4 XL size jerseys left.

I am just now drafting an invite letter to try and entice the team to visit our climes next spring. Don't know if its possible, but wouldn't it be cool to see a bunch of Iraqi youngsters tearing it up at Sea Otter?

We can only try...

Anonymous said...

Olaf and Brent
so nice to see Stellar get a notice of her incredible skills in Velosnews in case you missed it, also it was so cool to see the Velo Bella girls riding so hard out there, me loves them girls.


Olaf Vanderhoot said...


my actual (ugh) job is focused on international development. i do a lot of work with embassies and in-country capacity building.

please let me know if you'd have any way for me to help out. shoot me an email if there's ever a time you'd like to chat about the project. and i'd love to be one of your mentors if a group is ever brought over.

thanks for that link, DJ. cool that Keith wrote that up.

awesome bike riding these days.