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Sunday, December 02, 2007

get well ... but let some other kids win first

Katherine not-feeling-so Great

VsNews reports that Compton collapsed to the ground in the pits a couple laps into the USGP Final.

Compton rode into the mechanical pit area on lap three, and upon dismounting her bike, collapsed to the ground. The national champ could not be reached for comment Sunday night.

(not to mention poor Bessette face-planting in an ice-puddle and freezing herself into dnf'dom ~m)

damn ... that's laying it out there.

Word is that Ms.Compton found herself yet another victim of the euro-muds ... apparently she returned from her trip of reverse-colonialism infected with whatever oook and oooze they grow in those continental mudpits.

and yet ~ Compton is still pinning on numbers to respect the race.

that's kickass.

kickass, but dangerous.

[and yup, we're proud of our local favorites showing so well up in the great NorWest. Newsworthy rides by a bunch of folks ... can't wait to steal some pics and spread some exaggerations of their exploits tomorrow.]


Anonymous said...

Rumor in the pits has it that Compton has been dabbling in blood transufsions, and she was ill from a bad batch of treated blood.
I heard this from someone in her camp.
Lets hope this is just a rumor.

Linnea said...

Just in case it's driving you nuts, this whole click-on-a-pic-and-get-a-download-prompt (instead of the full size picture) thing... yeah, it's a blogger bug.

Temp fix here.