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Monday, December 03, 2007

i'll go, but is there room for my ego, too?

Dear Mr. Googles,

i believe you owe me some money.

as the boy said, i want my two dollars ...

and ... in an image search for a post this weekend, i came across this doozy ~

"rock racing" image search de' googles.

i'm just saying ...


Anonymous said...

What's with the cross lever?

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

try it on a road bike sometime.

Paul's levers have been really good to me.

cool guy.

for use, i ride a TON of high traffic roads and that lever has saved my ass more than a few times.

essential. i'll never not have them on a bike again. it makes me too fast.

dblrider said...

I see the advantage - you can ride up on the bars comfortably and still have the brakes if you need them in an instant. Makes a lotta sense to me...

Say Olaf, I didn't know that Safeway translated to Rock Racing ;-) Wishful thinking going on there???

Good luck down South with that really long trackie thing. Sounds like you're ready... Say, do you get feeds during that race, or will you have to put bottle cages on your track bike? Kinda curious here...


Olaf Vanderhoot said...

that's actually a pic from a guy's journal ... that rides for 5 star fish.

well, did last year.

it was at Ojai ... terribly fun crit/circuit. i raced the masters and was off the front with that dread pirate limey, Mark Noble (and 2 others).

he beat me in the sprint after i unleashed a torrid, horrid number of attacks on him and the other breakers.

then i strapped up for the NRC version and got to see just how fucking strong Dominguez is. i was right proud of my gliding up that hill at Ojai for more than a few laps.

i felt strong and new how much i could attack if i needed to try my shots at a result.

but when Dominguez accelerated right next to me?

holee shyte. that boy is a thoroughbred.

he's from Cuba.

and i know how they race/train down in Cuba.

funkdaddy said...

$2??? With Google AdSense it would be more like $0.0002.

Mike Ferrentino was making fun of me for having chicken levers on my cross bike...

Marco Fanelli said...

Hey, that's a pic I took of you at Ojai! I guess Anthony lifted it. (Not that I mind or anything houses and all)

Hoping for dry weather this Sunday, in which case I will most likely be there to heckle you. Sorry, but I'm picking Cody for the vee.

Olaf Vanderhoot said...


marco, the Hellyer women's brigade of hecklers and otherwise malcontents will be there in force.

i think you better bring your A-game if you plan on stepping up with these hecklers.

i've never been called a 'cunt' in a race before Beth grabbed me by the ear at a pilarcitos cx race recently.

her and her crew will be down there cheering us invading northern hordes.

i hope we have a few guys coming down. can we claim Dirk?