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Saturday, November 24, 2007

tidbits and gravy fixins

check out Martina's new site ... it's pretty gawdamn flash, i must say.

the MissingSaddle show is getting better and better these days. Very cool.

Wonder when we'll get the official team announcement for VAC'08. With Katherine the Great storming Europe and shoving them all under her thoroughbread tread ... and the rising popularity and commercial viability of US pro women's racing in the states ...

wonder how soon it will be until we get more and more internationals taking plunges in US soil.

The Prize $$ is getting better this year with the up of the NRC prize list for men to $15K ... but, it did put the shitkick to a number of strong events. Ah well ... such is change. But the change is pretty sweet this year in the package of 3 NRC opening events all tailored for women to put on a show. Since the Tour of Cali is going to be even bigger and baddass'er this year ... there is definitely room at the table for some focused, exciting women's event to kick off this Olympic year.

Beijing ... we have local riders here who may be pedaling in China next year. Can you believe it?

China. holee crap.

as long as they remember it was they who opened the gates to our barbarian hordes

Has anybody been following this JonPage eurotrash soap opera with him and the SunWeb-whatever team manager?

"He never stops complaining and keeps going on about him being my boss, and me having to obey him," said Page. "The way he communicates with me is offensive. It's just ridiculous.

"I can't go on like this," Page fumed. "If this is the way it has to go, then that's not what I want. I'd rather ride competitively and happily than be mentally destroyed and underperforming because of him. I don't need his mobile home and money; I'd rather be just a happy man."

Mettepenningen reacted calmly when asked about the discussion and referred to a press release on the team's website, which states that Page can't handle the discipline of a professional team. "Not only are his results disappointing – Page never finished top 10 in a big race – also his approach has raised some questions," the release read, before going on to refer to Page's first race of the season where he had to gather his equipment and mechanics the day before the race.

"In Hamme-Zogge, Page was pumping a tyre himself... One call and our team mechanic would've supported him," Mettepenningen said. "The team's directeur sportif and Jonathan's friend, Mario De Clercq, tried to get him to be more serious about his job, but Page reacted that the team was putting him under too much pressure. These remarks and his feigned illness from Saturday were enough for the team to get together with Page after the race in Gavere. Five minutes later a ranting and raving Page left the camper with his wife, confusing the VIPs that were having a drink next to the camper."
hatchet piece? spoiled primadonna pro?

who cares ... this is the kind of reporting we need more of in the US. tabloid cyclismo.


another article for those interested.
NaomiK ... just saying.


Karl Rover said...

It might give you hope to know that Labor just won in Australia yesterday. John Howard has been in charge for around 16 years, so its a big, big deal. Considering Australia considers itself America's little brother, it says something about their views on their recent experiment in US style capitalism.

T. Marie said...

heard a rumor that you stomped it at the track yesterday. nice one!

Anonymous said...

VAC 2008 roster will be announced very soon....patience, Michael, patience.