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Friday, November 23, 2007


we did the usual Thanksgiving gig

ride up kennedy and party

take pictures of coolio's who give out frosty chill Foster's

talk with guys like this ...

and hear tales of mashing bone and fleshy gore ... and a crazy-badass carbon brace ~ it must find its way to Stevil

there were very tall people who ride bikes fast

and this guy didn't even mind us trampling 'round the place all bohemian and eddie bauer at the same time

and then Sabine caught me talking to myself ...

but mostly, this kind of barbarian stuffery went on

stars made appearances and some even brought a sort of canuckistanian muesli for sharing ...

speaking of sharing, this guy's can opener was HUGE

and there was visitings, like with the newlweds of
BR Lights

[insert evening of eating and drinking like a naughty little roman gods]

... there was djSnead zapping magic from his tips during the PROMAN prep races. it was a very fun event ~ good vibe, strong attendance, and the Park Ranger even donated his time to work the night.
Thank you Rob Evans, Nicola Cranmer, Matt Martinez, Shelley Olds and her parents for the kickin' bbq, and everyone else who made the night so fun. Sabine already has another woman signed up for the track. She came tonite and got the velo-hook planted deep.

hell yeah.

the new PROMAN kit in action

my very own Sheila MoonSuit ... (grey, you may begin your jealous rant at any time)

dHolla ~ hugs not thugs


romank said...

Dude you were killing it tonight

X Bunny said...


PROMANgirl said...

Blimey mate you were so bloody strong! thanks sooooo much for not just showing up but for giving the team a great workout.

dino dante said...

jeezus hache cristo, we should send you to the whirled cups you farging savage! i'll come donate every friday for that.

Anonymous said...

You does race them points races real good.
Loved the attack in turn 3 after a sprint midway through. Popped me, but was perfect.
Expect video...later today. Marc

PROMANgirl said...

DJ Snead laid down phat trax, thanks Josh, wouldn't have been the same without you!
Dave, roman & shelley all rode well

Josh and Barb said...

Thanks Nikki! I had fun playing some of my records, seemed like people enjoyed it.

Hooptie said...

Hernando the fixed gear humbler. Thanks for promoting and coming out, the event and support far exceeded our expectations. I’ve got some pics posted on the site.

Grey said...

Jealous of the moon suit? No. I mean, I own four of them now. That's like three more than you have.

Jealous of your horsepower...or, manpower, or hernandopower?