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Monday, November 26, 2007

Monday sweepings


went to the big city on Sunday to race bicycles. fun gig. Mr. Woo stores all kind'o pictures and vid links around the interwebs ~ so, take a look and be sure to leave comments on the photographer's site's. They love that kind of thing.

Sabine and i did the NCNCA/SYCIP Cup awards and raffle after each of PilarcitosTom's Prestige podiums. The schedule was smooth and flowing until Sabine gave me some math to calculate. It was after a few recovery beverages from the Sheila MoonTent. I grabbed my first beer and stumbled across superPRO Lucas Euser. Lucas was trying to decide between MoonSuits and I barely contained myself from rubbing my naughty parts all over him.

He's one of those dreamy supermodel-types who used to pedal back in the sepia daze of cycling. Lucas is like a retrocombination of Jacques Anquetil and Mario Cipollini.

with maybe a splash of Bueller ... for taste.

Anyway, i added up the NCNCA podium points for the women and used my special arithmOtic skilz and came up with StellaC on the 2nd turnstyle ~ booting MissMaile down to step3.

yeah, both of them are math teachers and both knew i had screwed up the countings, but both were kind enough to wait until afterwards to tell me (remind) i was an idiot.

they're both cool that way.

Friday Nite is still Track Night

MistahFranklin put up some crazy man video footage of the first PROMAN fundraiser parties.

yeah ... it pretty much kicked ass. I'm so lost to the velodrome. i even turn to the left in my dreams now.

I cannot wait to head down to that ridiculous 5 thousand lap scratch race in lo-cal. The $10k prizelist only pays 5 deep. On a 60+km track scratch race ... it only pays 5 deep. yikes, that's going to be a downright knife fight.

better practice more.

Tough Girls

Katherine the Great pushing stars with VandenBrand.

these chicks are racing their bikes haaaard.

i mean, it's clear how strong Lloyd is right now. She's a step above human and on a bit of autopilot at the moment. and it's good to see. But damn, it's serious training for the big cheese events when you travel overseas and take the euros on their own their turf.

but ... playing over there ...

you don't get the sweet messican food after races. Belgian beer and frites are all good in the hood ... but, post NorCal Cross brews and burritos hold a deep, deep pocket for us of the left coast.


Beth said...

we're gonna go cheer you on at encino after the women's track day at adt saturday. when you win first you can buy us drinks. woooo.

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

sweet! that is going to be sooooo fun.

be sure to take a few pics of your day at ADT. i don't know if we'll be able to swing by there before we go to Encino, but we'll try!

Anonymous said...

The real post cross race action was found at the FresnOakland BBQ hosted by the Donut King. No need for burritos when you have beers, homemade cookies and potato salad within 100 yds of the finish line.

funkdaddy said...

Be sure to thank OV and VB for all their hard work with the NCNCA Cup - along with Rich Maile they made this thing happen.

jen said...

Anquetil? As long as he doesn't sleep with his daughter-in-law ;-)