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Monday, October 01, 2007


i don't have sound at work ... good thing, i reckon ~ 'cuz the BummerLife would have me unemployed sooner than later, i'm sure.

either that would get me, or one of the falls-through-the-crack posts over at DirtyMarian's...

anyway, another sighting in Vegas was the World Famous Smithers. He's a smooth operator TIME honch who spins a good yarn or three about life up in the Minnesota-villes. There are a solid group of riding writers up there in the cold countries that i wish i had enough time to e-visit on a regular basis ... from the OldBag to the once-Tuffy and sometimes-Donimator ... these are sites that kick up dust and make me think there's life above the Mason-Dixon.

But Smithers is one i check regularly because he tosses in enough flaming politics and up-yours commentary to keep my thinkery giggling.

... and speaking of flamers ~ he's posted the audio of that Lemond/Mcllvain conversation where she spills about Lance and la'dopage.


gonna give it a listen tonite.


Brent said...

yah. juicy.
Interesting to hear the actual conv rather than reading it.

Hooptie said...

Crazy shit, Hincapie is thrown under the bus! Lets not forget, she later swore under oath she was not in the room w/ Lance.

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

gawdamn ... we are a gossipy bunch of fuks, ain't we.

i had to turn it off ... that's a car wreck i don't want anything to do with.

Anonymous said...

"i had to turn it off ... that's a car wreck i don't want anything to do with."

uh, huh, I bet you did! You are the king of gossip. Not that that is a bad thing! In fact it keeps me reading your stuff. : )

Josh and Barb said...

I met the hoolie hoop chick in the airport on the way home. It's a small strange world

Anonymous said...

"no im not taping this" I lost alot of respect for Lemond.

Anonymous said...

Lemond had no choice but to show people what was really going on,

That chick had to testify she was not there because she would have lost her career to testify against Lance.

it is obvious Armstrong doped

Lemond would not be doing all this, and Armstrong would not be so worked up about making sure people did not let his secret out, if he was clean.

Armstrong doped and was the best at doping and the best at winning the tour! plain and simple.

That is also why it was best if he just fully stopped his race team this year. he wants to get out of the limelight and out of situations where his doping will be brought up.

If he had his way, he would just disappear, and then no one could no what really happened, but people know, and one day, most likely stuff will come out.

If not, in 50 years, it will all be stuff of legend.

Anonymous said...

Bitter Fat Lemond losing money for himself, when will Trek get rid of him? Like SF got rid of bonds.

Anonymous said...

I think Armstrong should be the one to be fired you fool!

Armstrong has more in common with Bonds then Lemond. Armstrong and Bonds both cheated the system and the fans in setting their records. So Armstrong should be the one Trek should fire, you fool.

Anonymous said...

Oh but wait................ Armstrong owns Trek.

I was talking with Frankie Andreau the other day, and he told me, there is no doubt Armstrong cheated and doped, it is 100% sure that Armstrong cheated, but Frankie is not going to talk about it and wants to just move on so he, like others, can stil make a pay check from cycling.