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Monday, October 01, 2007

heilege scheisse

i'm so behind on shit it ain't even worth skinning the chicken.

Weekend Whatup ~

Saturday opened The Cup Series with the Lion of Fairfax event. With 270+ racers, that's a good turnout for a Saturday race. But, you've got to wonder how many of those racers were uber-localites of the Marin area, never to be seen again in the remaining cross events. we'll see.

After grabbing as much data as I could from the racers, it looks like there was universal appreciation of how much mula was put in and how much effort was thrown down to create a course on a very small plot o' land. hmm ... Marin property space as a premium, who'd a guessed?

The twists and turns around poles and school walls got some people calculating their deductibles ... and that's a bad thing ~ but overall, the race came off clean and there was much gladness because of it. The Cashola was even-steven between the boys n' girls ... but we might recommend spreading the wealth down a few slots for the payouts.
- - -

CCCX had there first race out at the new Toro venue and I heard nothing but praise about the course design and marking. Jeffe and I did a nice long tempo ride to get there and saw the finishes of the women's events. A lot of beet-red faces and dry heaves scattered across the finish line ... always a good sign, in my book.

The CalGiant boys were hacking out some revenge on the universe, sending Justin Robo-son up the road for the RockLobsters to chase all day. AJM sat in the bird seat behind Wyandt and then cut him loose to make it a Starberry 1-2 in the Elites.

Gannon scalped the win in the 35's, making up for the whoopin' he received from the DarkOneMaile at Fairfax. In the Women's Elite, RockLobster Kerlin put more wood to her fire as she dominated from start to finish for a win. Rachel Lloyd had a huge win at Fairfax and combining the powers of Olds and Vardaros gathering storm later the season with the returning rise of Kerlin, Howe, Beggs, and Metzger ... we're going to be seeing NorCal heavy again in the rankings of top US women of cross.
- - -


out in Vegas happened across Andrew Lanier and his wife as they were out on the town and soaking up some of the wickedness. It was good to hear from somebody who works with the juniors program at the track and get their vibe on what might be the best moves forward in the coming year to benefit as many as possible.

they were a cool couple and you could really feel the love for their son and the sport as they described their history with the Sunday program and growing work with Tuesdays. it's really inspiring to be around youth in cycling ... seeing progression, maturation, silly joys.

dunno, makes me all verklempt.

Andrew Lanier the younger is a young buck who i race with out at the Tuesday twilights and on the boards at the track. Him and that little powerhouse Daniel Farinha have the spark in their eyes when they pedal bikes and it is awesome to be around. You just want to invest in kids like that, you know? And even if they choose to follow other sports or hobbies or whatever, if we do things right ... they'll always have a love of the sport, a desire to give to the sport and maybe, maybe ~ that'll be enough to see them get a sponsor invovled, or their own kids, or help with a venue being secured.

Just cuz people don't race, doesn't mean they aren't valuable members of the cycling community, i reckon.

anyway, i'm blahblah'ing and i'll try to get this site out of the suckpatrol soon.


dr-nitro said...

Toro Park would have been a great course had someone not put those silly little boards right in the middle of the course. My legs don't like that jumping off and on thing. Guess it is part and parcel with that whole cross thing.

Anonymous said...


i guess you were saved that there was no run up?

and i thought i saw you bunny hopping the board?

but Toro park was lucky to have such a fine and outstanding racer as yourself to be riding there.

it was nice to see you make your nor-cal appearance.

dr-nitro said...

Me bunny hopping a board? I wanted to kick the damn things out of the way, but I was not jumping them. I hear that Gannon did, though. I would not know, though, cuz the only time I was near him was when he was about to lap me in the end.

It was fun, in a very painful way. My legs severely disagreed with hoping on and off, and I'm not a fan of going balls to the wall from the get go, but I will be back up there for more abuse.

Coach said...

You might consider mentoring, coaching or even starting a jr program... you would be very good at it as many kids look up to you...

God Speed,

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