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Tuesday, October 02, 2007


F'ing blogroller isn't working ... i ping the sites and nothing happens to the sidebar.

i'm lost.

gawd, i remember those choice, few halycon days when the bugger was automated.

... guess free is as free does.


anyway, it's gonna be crunch time for me until December ... work is just sucking tailpipes and i'm going to ask fo'gibness for the limited postings. but, i will toss out with every ounce i can.
- - -

Tuesday Shenanigans ...

the only group ride i've done in California ... and the only one i'm likely to - is the nooner out of GIRO with a crew of naturals who hump up the coast for headwind-grins and suffer huge on that climb to BoonyDoon ... some finding divinity and others just snorting bear droppings.

It's the sweet stuff. Calm, controlled, safe and as painful as you want it to be.

Paulo got his cast off and put in his first out of the saddle attack today. It was up one of those beasty rollers on the tailwind side of 1 ... nothing but glory, gah-lory.

za'Voolf was hunting after his 2 days uber-intense weekend of races. He was on his CX bike with more tire width than psi in his tread, and still was putting worlds of hurt down on anything within biting distance. He's pure power. Ugly as sin on a bike ... but pure, unadultated power and dashing as all hell off the bike.

Good natured fun and i can feel the tinges of fitness begging entrance. sweet fancy moses, i need a bicycle race.

Hellyer'Drome changes...

Looks like there is a push to change things around for next year's weekday training/racing schedule. It is a very, very complicated algorithm to nutshell - you want to do best by all parties involved. I haven't found any silver bullets, that's for sure ~ so I'm just going to try and play Ms. Facilitator and do my best to keep people talking to each other.

New Team?

nah ... me and some of the BagBoys have hooked up with the VOS outfit from the Monterey Peninsula. It's DMartin, KyleG, TReid, Tafoya, and of course Jeffe n' me slipping out of one black jersey and into another. We'll add CVC's Sasser and Eropkin to the file to add a good bit of he-man horsepower.

It's true, we'll prolly be under-gunned in some races ... but, i'm sure we'll be able to scratch out a V, or three in the proseys and geezer events.

The existing squad is masters oriented, but Martin the Wolff is bringing in some junior riders, too ~ so, that's pretty damn hip. The VOS guys are a cool bunch and we all are looking forward to having a good time next year.

and so it goes.


Robert Winder said...

New team: You call that an announcement! Where's the new team pic with champagne corks popping and girls fawning over you?

Anonymous said...

UnderGunned? Perhaps. Although even with ME losing us cool points for my HICK style we will still be the most team with the most style and BEER in No-Cal.

I cant wait for the good times to roll.

AND work sucks!


Anonymous said...

Its seems I've had a beer already!

we will still be the most team with the most style

I'm a goof


X Bunny said...

we don't call it style

we call it flair

Anonymous said...

Its my HICK Flair that makes me say Style :)

I'll get with the program.


Anonymous said...

VOS Team and you are perfect for each other, full on gossip with mass drama all mixed into one cocktail of fantasy.

You will have to look up the road to our super AMD Team, you day dreamer.

Nome Agusta said...

Sounds like a strong bunch.
I thinks not.
Underoos maybe, but not under-gunned.

phipps said...

Should be fun next year. I'm leaving the Z's and going to MS-S.

Signed Hutch's domestique

PAB(a.k.a.CID) said...



I thought you said we were going with CSC....

oh well, same thing, red and black.


and how the hell did the nome know that we wear underoos?

Boots said...

Boots does not drink beer or have a functional blog. But somehow I still got onto this teem. The gawds must be crazy.

~ boots

dr-nitro said...

Outsourcing. Sing of the times.

MarkS said...

Since when does Boots speak in the 3rd person? Freak.

Gnome may have seen my photo spread for PlayHick and my Incredible Hulk Underoos.......

Not sure.

Phipps, Hutch told me you sold out.........I mean signed on. Good fit me thinks. Should be fun and I'm thinkin youll be winning on your own a bit too.


Lothar Glerbny said...


Damn I hate being undergunned (we're not talking guns like the Pasconator are we?).

Don't make me break out the 6 barrel gatlin gun capable of firing 6000 20mm rounds/minute.

How's that for hick?


bbElf (a.k.a. panda) said...

"We're getting the band back together...on a mission from god."

meh-wee-uhn said...

Oh, me wanty helmet.

Ippoc Amic said...

where's pasco going?

blog roller not working today(wed) either...

Anonymous said...

Hey Phipps, that's cool.

Look forward to possibly trying to keep up with you on at those low-key events this winter.

runjoelrun said...

Nice work Phipps! Look forward to seeing you out there. Are you guys concentrating more on 35+ races or p1/2?