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Sunday, September 30, 2007

i'm the last to know...

dj snead won in front of AJM yesterday at Fairfax. apparently the finishing meters were a couple of crazy 90's through cement and machine gun fire. the RockLobsters had put Andy on the defensive most the race and it was the DJ who made it stick in the finale. 3 wins already for the bespeckled sandyclaws.

right on.

speaking of jaquesmayniacs ... looks like BJM has had some uppity implanted into his team for next year. Adding Aaron Olsen?

look out, kids ... that's gonna be a smash n' grab outfit for '08.

Next week is Track Nationals ... oh man, i wish i could take the time off work to go down there and do some reporting. FixedGearFever is trying to hook in live updates ... but, it's a tough gig for those of us with vacation days on the drain from the race and plays.

I'd love to be there to see the Points and Scratches. I'm hoping DHolla gets an exemption from the qualifying thingie and is allowed to race/win the Scratch race. It only seems fitting that we keep that jersey in the NorCal.

And, I want to see BJM crush all the other kids in that Points slaughter. Speaking of slaughter ~ i was only able to see the women cruising the parking lot after that Vegas crit ... but checking the results i think i saw that Shelley Olds won 7 lap prizes maybe? but she wasn't listed in the finish ... so i'm hoping that meant she pulled out of the field sprint and didn't get herself crashed by that idiotic course. Because a healthy Olds is going to wreck havoc on Nationals next week.

Good luck to all the locals heading down in the lo-Cal for the BigShows. Update us as you can.


MarkS said...

Track Natz would be the show of shows in Lo-cal(I love that term)

I'll be workin a side job so I can buy a new race frame though........

The hoops we jump through.


Nome Agusta said...

Not quite in the finally.
DJ was flying and was pretty much gone from lap 1.
As I recall the gap was pretty big the whole race.
Andy looked good though, very smooth over the barriers.

Dan Cleary said...


Check it. Glad my MN brudda, Smithers sent you my greetings. In SF from 10/17-21. Staying with friends in Marin but close to SF proper.

Noticed a CX race at Candlestick on the 21st. You heading there? Not sure of my plans yet.

I may bring my bike but just in case, any ideas on where to rent a 50cm. I can't go "rideless" out there.

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

nome, check DJ's for details on how he and Andy separated on the last lap. sweet race on a bit of a stresser course.


check yo' email.

Nome Agusta said...

This was the part I saw from my spectator seat in the parking lot.
"Soon enough, I was out front with a pretty sizable gap to Andy who was being shadowed by Dave and Aron. This is a nice way to start things off- I didn't kill myself, but I was riding easily around the technical parts. I think I was out there for 4 laps till Andy brought me back."

More than a stresser course, in my race I came around a semi-blind turn into the ball fields with 2 other riders and there was a 4 year oldish little boy right in the apex of the turn. Got to hand it to the other two riders just ahead of me, they missed the kid and kept the rubber side down. We cleaned the section and the kid was shaken but unharmed. Lucky! Damn Lucky! That kid could have been killed.

I would not have done this one had I known the 35 Bs weren't included in the NCNCA series.
Next year I'll just make a donation to the school.

PROMANgirl said...

shelley, decided to pull out of the crit as things got sketch. She has dedicated so much time to her track prep for nats it was not worth the risk - good choice. you missed great racing in fairfax, Rachel had a very easy win. it was so awesome to see josh win! i will give you the blow by blow from ADT - i will be down there all week!

AJM said...

About the Lion of Fairafax:

Josh definitely deserved the win, he rode his heart out. I'm sure it helped to set up the course, too...

There was nothing wrong with the course, but it needed two things:

1) PADDING! As you might figure, I'm a little sensitive to hard objects next to race courses. This was awful. Gravel corners just waiting for a slide-out...with a pole, bench, or STEEL WALL right on the outside. Every corner.

2) Crowd Control. Seems there were more spectators on the course than next to it. In the last two laps (when we were going for it), at least five "Oh Shit" moments occured. It got pretty stupid. This happened to JoJo last year (kid walked out in front of her) and resulted in facial fractures and recontructive plastic surgery.

End the madness!

Olaf Vanderhoot said...


Scott Patton said...


We can pay! :-) Don't you feel a liver attack coming on? I mean... you could call in sick! ;-)


PROMANgirl said...

while, i agree on some points with AJM, crowd was hectic. the race was great with $500 prize money to 1st place in both men and women, overall a great event, thank you Brian!

Anonymous said...

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