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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

over the hump

RoadieScumNewz ~

screw Astana and all the Bru'neelers ... i want to know who's going where on the US scene for '08. Who are these mysterious PROMAN sign'ers? Is Aaron's going to try and bust out of their 'little engine who damn well could?' role? If Bissel took A.Olsen, who grabbed TenMenzies?

Will the Kodak / SierraNev schism produce two actual teams, or just a couple of big-balled group rides? Is Cheerwine still in the game? What about Webcor ... rumor has it there is some shuffling going on there, but with an Olympic year just over the hedge, i see those women going just as gold as green.

TIBCO ... big new signings as well? And ValueAct ... i know they're going freight train next year. and i can't wait to see what the new kits will look like.

The RocknRepube's are throwing cash all over the place ... gobbling up mercenenaries. so, i guess that team should be more than just a bunch of crash-test-dummies. BMC has that euro-trash guy running the show again (poor Gavin), so lord knows they'll be jumping through the hoops. maybe that means they'll be booking flights overseas and leave us the hell alone.

Good time to be a woman racer with talent - but there are a lot of boys looking for work next year ... here's hoping they all find paychecks (and health insurance).
- - -

Cross Racing on the horizon ~

Pilarcitos is opening their basket, baby! Even though Tom and his goldilocks are taking a bit of a beating from the urban junglebunnies and the fight to ride free-die young crowd ... I'm still psyched as all hell to see the series open up this weekend.

New venue out at Brisbane - for me, anyway - and i'll be interested to see how it shakes out. With it being the only race on the local calendar ... you know the turnout is gonna be skyrocket. What a scene ... what a scene.

Bontrager is putting together a couple of bikes for us .. Sabine's FreeJunky DAWG and my team issue RockLobster.

uh ... yeah, i'm drooling at the prospects.

There's a chance i'll have my CrossLobster delivered to the Pilarcitos start line. I guess that means i have to at least take a few practice laps, yeah?

i mean, i can't race yet ~ can i ..
- - -

You Can't Have it ~

Bush is the decider when it comes to what trickles down where. With his veto this morning, he has given us another reminder that poor people are losers and deserve only the fast food they dig out of their dirty fingernails.

For those who aren't familiar with the income line that the medical insurance program would have yoked ~ check it, a family of 4 is O-fficially po' at 20K and change a year.

Bush vetoed an attempt to extend the program's benefits to people at 100-200% (gasp) of that poverty line. He did so because he said those people can afford to get med insurance on they's own.

t'anks gov'nuh.

a family of 4 on 40K a year. or even 60K a year ... could you afford health insurance for a family at that wage? (and rent, and food, and transpo, and daycare, and ...)

not in the private sector you can't.

maybe they should just all go work for BlackWater ... i hear they take care of their menials.

Fuck this administration.


Brent said...


Anonymous said...

and how many vac girls will be single? good huntin, ill bet.

Anonymous said...

So what's chilli-coots role in 2008? If he is not the director for 2008 then maybe he should start thinking about putting his Phd to work (sorry, but what a waste)!

But hey, it finally looks like he's going to do something with that bmc website of his so maybe progress is being made. We will see.

Velo Bella said...

2 weeks in Iraq would pay for one year of the program he vetoed

Anonymous said...

I heard that one in the news today. Only pray congress has enough votes to override the veto.

Anonymous said...

yeah, but we're borrowing the money to pay for two weeks in Iraq already. Adding debt at 1.36 Billion per day or per week or per what ever. What's the difference, the plan for this country is obviously to borrow until we can't borrow no more and then default the loans. Sorry China, but thanks for the loan. Ha ha. It's going to be a heck of lot worse in the future when the standard of living dives in this country and the working wealthy realize that they're in the same boat as workers in every other 3rd world economy.

shawndoggy said...

zackly, VB.

I wasn't around for Ike, but for the succeeding three two-term presidents. Like the Gipper (Iran Contra) and Slick Willy (blue dress) before him, GWB is giving america no incentive to repeal the 22nd amendment.

What an A-hole. He can't be gone soon enough.

X Bunny said...

if you have enough money to buy health insurance in the private sector, you almost have enough money to not need health insurance

dr-nitro said...

Total fucking abuse of power. The veto is not supposed to be a tool for presidents to assert their policy preferences, only for when congress encroaches upon his power. Abolish the damn presidency. Let the Speaker do the executive functions. If this were the case, we would not be junking our future pissing away billions in a failed folly in the middle east.

Anonymous said...

Shawndoggy, 22nd Amendment is actually working in W's favor by saving him the embarassment of getting shellacked in '08 (and I'm talking primaries) b/c you know he'd be arrogant enough to run again if a 3rd term was permitted. Leftwing could never stand him and, now that he's run the country up on the beach economically and got us stuck in this pointless war, the rightwing's tired of him as well.

Nome Agusta said...

"Childrens do learn"

McSassy said...

I voted for that F'r the first time and as far as I'm concerned HE'S GOTTA GO

lauren said...

bush is an ass.

shawndoggy said...

Anony -- yes, but could he run he might be a bit more responsive to the will of the people now. Second term presidents are "free" in that sense to do what they want. Though we idealize the maverick politician who stands on his principles, Americans don't like the real world result. Even conservatives seem to be done with GWB at this point.

What the cons don't get when they beg for a "new Reagan" is that he only played a maverick on tv....

yellowbug said...

KMenzies is sticking with the Hnet next year.

mor.ganj said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
dr-nitro said...

Sassy, you are just saying that as a requirement to ride on a team with an unabashed socialists. Flip flopper.

Alden said...

can't wait to see what all the hub-bub is surrounding TIBCO's signing(s) for next season. brooke has hinted to me that there would be some big signings, but she couldn't share that info with me yet. dammit.

curiosity is killing the cat.