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Sunday, September 09, 2007

Locals only

Gots a bunch of pictures up of Day 1's Hellyer'Drome Champyships.

Speaking of the track, this year's Board of Directors elections for the NCVA look to be happening this week. I'm running for the BOD - but there are 15 candidates running for 9 spots and I think continuity from the 2007 BOD might be worth working towards. This past year saw some serious successes at Hellyer - AVC was fantastic, there were almost more people showing up to Sat Beginner Sessions than the staff could handle, the Championship events were strong and well run, and I think women's participation was top-notch and set to improve even more next year.

So, with those successes in mind, I think working towards keeping some continuity in the BOD from this year's members is a good idea. And, since all but one are running again, i think there will be that continuity ... to build on 2007's successes. I'm pretty sure I'll vote for a good number of the current BOD, but there are strong candidates outside the current lot, as well.

I think I'll re-read some of the statements and hope some NCVA members post more questions for the candidates to answer. More info is good.

Personally, I'd like to serve as a BOD member this year, but - the field is so strong and experienced, I'd be pretty surprised if I get tossed in. Besides, there's always years after to join up and help get some work done. And, next year I'm looking forward to the possibility of doing some Monday nite Beginner Sessions. I think there might be room for something like that.

well, we'll see. Anyway, all you NCVA members - please take a look over those Candidate Statements and maybe consider posting more questions for answering. It's helping me to decide on who to vote for, so thanks.

democracy makes me smile, sometimes.


McSassy said...

Pedro offers you his protection...........

WarrenG said...

What you say is nice and all, but nearly all of the best events/races we saw this year had very little to do with the BOD as a group.

Several individual members of the BOD, plus Robin, Joe, Larry, and me played major roles in the best-organized and well-attended races. While the BOD as a whole provided funding for AVC and Friday nights, that was virtually the limit of their involvement in races, beginner sessions, etc.

I'm not saying it should change from this in any major ways, but I do I think the BOD needs to enact more stringent promoter and supervisor guidelines, as well as offer more support for promoters and supervisors. I also think the BOD needs to function more like a modern business BOD, where discussion leads to more frequent action, and with more (direct) responsiveness to constituent questions and concerns.

And as a plug for Mike's candidacy, for years and years people like Joe, Larry and me have spoken up about many issues on behalf of riders who tend to focus on non-track events but who we would like to see out at the track at least occasionally. Mike's influence encouraged many non-track riders to come out this year and I think they/we would like to have his perspective and point of view on the BOD. I also think Mike will encourage a more business-like, git-er-done approach for the BOD.

Robin Horwitz said...

For American Velodrome Challenge, this event will be run completely on sponsors' funds. We're not planning on asking any financial support from Hellyer BOD or will not accept any.

We're looking into setting up a separate major event in May but that remains to be seen.

Steven Woo said...

Please, you're a shoe-in. Everyone loves Mikey.

PROMANgirl said...

thanks for taking the cool pics!

Anonymous said...

Everyone loves Mikey

But you dont love everyone.

I just hope you make the BOD.

Mike Hernandez is the best.

Mike Hernandez for president.

Anonymous said...

If I can ring in my 2 cents, for things to really improve,
these BOD members just need to get together and listen to Hernandez and they better listen good, or of course you will gossip and create drama that they can not handle.

These BOD members,
John C Simmons - President

Rob Jensen - Vice President

Rick Adams -Treasurer

Kevin Worley - Secretary

Matt Martinez -

Linelle Northcott

Mary Maroon

Mike Hardaway

Peter T. Bohl

really could learn something from Mr. know it all Mikey Hernandez,
lets hope everyone votes for Olaf come election time.
The track will be a much better place if Olaf is on the Board. I know that from my experiences, when Olaf is in the house and on the banked turns the sessions are simply better. And I, and many others, are for sure up for a Monday night beg. session.

Anonymous said...

fuck this fucking fuckplate of a fuckball president

?were you talking about the BOD president of the track?

or which pres. when you wrote this, mr foul mouth

i have some soap to wash that potty mouth out, mr BOD

Anonymous said...

You have my vote for sure!

PROMANgirl said...

track is definately the new black. i just hope everyone can play nicely together. great racing this weekend, our district is a breeding ground for potential geezer and kid national track champions and i say this time and time again but there are so many experienced racer/ officials/ BOD members at hellyer who just love to share knowledge. Its a great supportive environment. Personal improvments are tangible and i see people going from strength to strenght from week to week. The improvments have been fantastic this year and i can say i would be proud to represent Hellyer track wherever we race. good stuff!

CyclistRick said...

Even if the incumbents, as a group, have done well it is always good to keep infusing new ideas, thoughts, perspectives into the mix. Nothing wrong with keeping a majority of the incumbents but putting a couple of fresh faces on the board.

My ballot has been cast.