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Monday, September 10, 2007

well crap

Benicia Crit was yesterday and word is that our man Roman Kilun went down in a crash.

I don't have details yet, but it sounded rough.

Roman has the form to put in a big effort at Track Nationals next month, let's hope this won't derail him from that. But more importantly, let's all hope he's doing well.

if i hear more, i'll post here.

stay safe out there, ya'll.


WarrenG said...

3rd hand info is that he was stitched and glued back together and sent on his way-"nothing serious".

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

thanks for the note, war'n.

good news.

Beth said...

anyone know how karla kingsley is?

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

Just got word about both:

Karla had a dislocated shoulder but is doing well ... frickin' ouch!

and good news about Roman, trashed bike and helmet - but sounded like he has no major injuries. still waiting for official word on that, though.

Best wishes to both for fast healings.

Anonymous said...

I saw the crash. Roman attacked in the gutter. He was going really hard out of the saddle and looked like he clipped the asphalt (where it meets the gutter concrete). What made it look so bad is that it forced him to "high side it" and slam straight down inthe gutter on his head. It looked really bad. Infact, there were a few crashes yesterday that looked really bad.

Anonymous said...

bummer! heal up quick roman!

Anonymous said...

Ipicked up martina and roman (the winner and non-winner of Benicia) from Vallejo hospital. He's fine: 7 stitches on his chin (below the chin line) and some jaw soreness. Got a few chipped molars but not his front ones.
-christian k.

Anonymous said...

yeah Roman crashed all by himself, with no one around.
he was yelling at the group because the group was not riding the way he wanted everyone to
so he was bitter and tried one attack that went no where
so he tried another and got about 20 yards off the front by himself and crashed hard
his bike flew up in the air and his wheel came completly off and flew even higher then his bike did
it looked big as his bike flew into the air and then his wheel flew off even higher
interesting how he was yelling at people to ride a certain way, and do the chasing for him, because he missed the break, so he kept yelling at people, then he did a attack and crashed hard all by himself

i think he learned a big lesson this day

he was acting tuff, telling the group how they were lame for not bringing the brek back quicker, and then he tried a flyer and ended up flying off his bike
it really showed a bad attitude and was a rookie move
as the break was caught anyways later on
while he was on the sidelines

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

thanks for the update Christian.

and are you saying that Martina won Benicia?

as for the anony hater - whatever man. throw your lil' wiener somewheres else.

Roman races with fire and can talk some smack, but at least he doesn't talk his smack anonymously like you do.


Anonymous said...

I did the womens 4/5 race and then watched my Honey do the Pro 1/2/3 race and saw the crash from the sidelines. The Health Net guy crashed on a straight away going solo just barely in front of the group. It really was a rookie move. I think his ego got in his way. There was a break up the road and it looked like the Health Net rider was getting impatient. It was a great race to watch as the break was reeled in with 5 to go. Thanks for everyone coming to Benicia to race.

Anonymous said...

oh he was talking smack annon to the pavement as he was smacking the pavement

olaf you got punked

tuff guy
you just lost my vote for your BOD push

you got a big attitude problem it seems

see you at the track

Anonymous said...


you need to get layed

that dude was just telling it as he saw it

seems there was no trash talking

except from you

i really think you need to get some sex

because you are trying to act tuff typing?

Anonymous said...

Benicia was a great day, especially for being a new event. I was there when Roman crashed. He is lucky. He was alert and ambulated off the course with assistance. I helped wash out some of the dirt and gravel and then assisted with giving his ride directions to the hospital. Hope he got in and out in a timely manner. He was mad with himself for doing the move he did..he was aggressive and was looking damn powerful on the attack. Sorry to see it happen. I am glad he is alright, could have been much, much worse.

Get well,


Olaf Vanderhoot said...

jesus H, i've got a low tolerance level for assholes today.

what it comes down to is this - we are engaged in a ridiculously dangerous sport. and you've got people like Tara Llanes risking it all to follow her passion - and now she's paralyzed.

You've got people like Nicole Reinhart dying while following her dreams.

Roman has a head injury crash - and all some can do is ...


Show yourself as the assholes you are, you disgusting little vermin. Today is a day I have no good will towards you.

You know who i am, come and face me with your petulance, your pettiness, your sad jealousy-filled and shriveled hearts.

most times i feel pity for you and extend a hand of understanding.

today, i slap you in the face and call you the craven cowards that you are.

find me, and challenge me to do anything different, you sniveling weaklings.

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

thanks for the update, Ed.

sorry for the rant just after your comment.

Anonymous said...

Roman is a good guy. I met him in the Danville Peet's once, he talked to me just like I was a real person. :-) Heal fast!

Anonymous said...

It was not a rookie move. The wind was coming from left to right at an angle. He attacked aggresively in the right gutter because he did not want any free loaders. The break was very real up the road with Switters, Briggs and Todd from Pacifc State Bank. Strawbery and Rock blocked. Guys were trying to get accross but nothing was working. The crash was just one of those things that can happen to any of us. Most important is that Roman will recover.

karla said...

Seems that it was a somewhat dicey day of racing for a couple of us. I hope Roman's healing well. I'm all good - just a shoulder in a sling and some nice road rash.

Dammit, I should have gone to the track instead.

Anonymous said...

seems you have a perminate head injury.

fixated on drama and head high self serving ego rants.

No one was trash talking Roman, just saying how it all went down when he went down.

The guy will be ok, and he probably learned a lesson about yelling at the group and then doing a flyer and then crashing solo right in front of every body after 20 yards.
It was a silly move and after I talked to him, he felt sorry about his crash and stupid about his mistake and attitude.

So Olaf, you are trying to be the know it all and say it all, when you need to just relax.

I talked to Roman and even he knows it was a bad move on his part, and was so ironic that he yelled at everyone to do his chasing, and then tried to chase and crashed right away solo.

From what I read of all the reviews of the situation, they where spot on, except for your freaking out.

Anonymous said...

it wasn't a wind from left to right, it was a dead head wind. He was just mad that no one was helping him so he tried to put everyone in the gutter. No reason to put everyone in danger at a local race, but I guess thats the risk we take racing our bikes

Anonymous said...

oh it was a rookie move
no other way to describe it

the break came back with no help from any of the pro teams

i was standing right there helping out at the finish

and it was a great race to watch

thanks to all our volunteers from here in Benicia!

Anonymous said...

I agree with the last post!
It was a straight on head wind!
And he was upset no one was doing any work for him.
As he rode by I heard him yelling at the front of the group to go faster.
Then he put himself in the gutter.

Olaf Vanderhoot said...


Robert Winder said...

It looked pretty serious at the time, I'd just responded to Riggs "one more push" rallying cry up the hill and back down the finishing straight and Roman took off like a bullet.

It looked like he hit the grid or clipped the kerb, it wasn't pretty and he faceplanted into the road with bike and wheel flying everywhere. There is a question about wind direction, but it was a cross/headwind from left to right, thats why everyone was in the right gutter for most of the race.

He was pissed, and who can blame him, we didn't ride smart, we let the break get away and there was no organised chase. We just let riders go out beat themselves up and pass them when they got tired. Roman was pleading with others to get out there and race, there were a couple of laps when the pace was pretty dire, sub 25mph downhill on the finishing straight wasn't going to bring the break back.

In the end it took Riggs to put himself in the wind for much of the chase and the rest of us were relegated to spectators.

Get well soon, Roman.

Olaf Vanderhoot said...


bbElf (a.k.a. panda) said...

These anonymice are killing me...if you don't know how to spell-check it don't bother saying it in writing. So lazy.

the Grammar Badger

Hooptie said...

Riggs is the man.

Alden said...

I honestly don't care about all the arguing and the pissing contest about who's right or wrong. Roman's a great guy who had an unfortunate accident. That's it. It wasn't a pretty site right after his crash, with lots of blood dripping from his face. He looked a bit dazed at first, and his helmet had a nice crack in the foam inside the left temple. The silver lining in all of this is that it's a good thing he rides for Health Net.

Roman wanted to race, rather than ride around tempo and race for 6th place (at the time, there was a break with Briggs, a Pacific State Bank rider, and one other guy up the road, with Switters chasing hard with Vigus playing the good teammate as a boat anchor).

There were maybe 35-40 guys tops in the race. My guess is that about a third of them were Cat 3s (myself included). My guess is that many of them played things conservatively so as to not get spit out the back of the group. There wasn't any one team out there with a significant numerical advantage. It was mainly teams of two to three riders.

And on a separate note, Martina did win the Women's P/1/2/3 race. Taitt Sato and Hannah Banks did great work controlling the field for the entire race, then set up a textbook leadout for Martina during the last two laps of the race to the finish. Hannah wound it up with a lap to go, and Taitt dropped Martina off right after the final corner. She easily won by a bike length or two.

Boots said...


When are you gonna get around to spraying this blogg for trolls. It's completely infested with them. Set off a bugg bombb or something.

~ boots.

runjoelrun said...

Agreed that Riggs was the standup guy out there. Not a lot to gain by working hard and admonishing others to work as well. Just the attitude that we're out there to win not to race for fifth (it was a five then a four man break as far as I could tell, Briggs had a teammate).

There were some others working out there though, but only two at a time, so not enough to organize much. But we did bring them back in the end, just in time for CalGiant to organize the sprint win! Hard when there are no other teams out there of note vs their superior organization.

As for Roman, was sickening to see him go down, looked bad. Glad he was so much better off than it looked.

Velo Bella said...

Congrats to Martina, get well wishes to Roman and Karla!

....and there is no such thing as a women's 4/5 race.

dr-nitro said...


When someone signs on as anonymous and says critical things of others, it comes off as rather disparaging and rude, and seems dishonest due to the anonymous character of it, even if it is not meant to be.

And, one only needs to go through posts to see that anonymous posters tend to be the most nasty and disparaging.

There is nothing wrong with being critical. And while being critical can sometimes sting, it can be constructive. But when criticism comes from an anonymous source, it is often rude and destructive.

Of course, my comments would probably fall on deaf ears to those who don't have the decency to make public criticisms (by that I mean that they can be identified).

And, it is pretty easy to predict that an anonymous character might follow this post with something nasty to me, like I need to get laid or something. I mean hey, I'll be the first one to admit that I need to get laid. So, hopefully anonymous can provide some insight on how to take care of that. So, unless the anonymous haters can actually tell me how to get laid, I choose to ignore replying to their posts. I'd much rather engage in discourse with those who respect each other.

Anonymous said...

Bella my bad
Cat 4

Anonymous said...

u need 2 get laid

Anonymous said...

Roman wanted to race, rather than ride around tempo and race for 6th say?

then the guy should have made the break, or chased the break earlier,

instead he sat in the group, then was upset because no one would pull him up to the break, and then yelled at the front of the group, and then attacked into the gutter and did a solo crash into the gutter,

thats it
plain and simple

he took himself out
and looked bad doing it

lets hope is ok and learned a good lesson

PAB(a.k.a.CID) said...

we all, um, make mistakes.

crashes suck.

Karla and Roman, heal quickly.

Anonymous said...

No more harsh words about anyone, okay? Roman's the best....and Martina rocks....And yes, she won Benicia in style, with 2 teammates working hard and making it impossible for anyone to come around her in the sprint!

- Lisa "I'm anonymous because I don't have my own blog" Hunt

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but Roman did not take one steady pull to help in the chase. He simply wanted others to do the dirty work so he could take advantage. He just did 2 flyers to go at it solo after he yelled at evryone for not pulling him up to the break, and on the 2nd flyer he crashed hard on the side of the road. I have done many races with the guy, and had no problems with him in the past. But this time he made a mistake and hopefully learned from this.

Anonymous said...

why cant you spell correctly
and why cant you get the womens catagories correct
and why cant you decide exactly which way the wind was blowing

if your gonna post you better spell correct and know there is no 4/5 womens catagory and get your wind meter out to get accurate readings of the wind directions


dr-nitro said...


c - o - r - r - e - c - t


Now can I post?

Anonymous said...

Hi Hoot,

Thanks for the support. Big thank yous to all the people who have wished me well and helped me yesterday.

I am pretty much ok now and in a few days should be good as new.

The crash was pretty embarrassing but it happens like that sometimes. Sorry, if my trash talking bothers anyone, next time feel free to fight back. Its all part of the fun. See you at the track.


yellowbug said...

This one is by far my favorite comment today:

"I did the womens 4/5 race . . . The Health Net guy crashed on a straight away going solo just barely in front of the group. It really was a rookie move."

Little miss cat 4/5, who the fuck are you to announce what is rookie and what isn't. Why don't you leave the commentary to Bob Roll and focus your energy on getting your ass out of the women's cat 5 category?

Anonymous said...

I'm no rookie and have yelled to get my way and curb surfed a hundred times to get where I wanted to be.

Not a rookie move at all.......thats pro baby. Gotta recognize and stop thinking you know it all.

So he crashed.......we all crash.

Get well Ro


dr-nitro said...

"Leave the commentary to Bob Roll."

That's funny.

jAndy donka-donk said...

these anons better stop with the spaces and ....... before I get blamed for their posts.....

Jah knows I have a hard time staying on my bike all by myself also....

Roman will be back and will prob do the same move, but will be a few more inches away from the actual gutter....

Crashing happens to everyone....

WarrenG said...

Experience and point of view...
To a cat 5, or 4 or 3, attacking in the gutter is a dumb thing to do because most/all of them lack the skills to do it well/safely, but to a pro, a few inches of room to ride is enough.

Anonymous said...

way to step up and admit you looked foolish,
i hope you learn from this
seems the best thing you could have done was be positive and motivate people to chase instead of calling every body names.
hopefully you will be nice and karma will be on your side

Anonymous said...

Everyone motives in their own way.........

Some yell, some try to set an example and get people going......

Whatever works.

Kharma is BS in bike racing.....we all fake it, fib about how we are feeling and lie about how much we train.

Its just how it is.


dr-nitro said...


The wreck sounded like a handling error, and it was foolish because he was all alone when he did it.

If someone hooked him for yelling, then there would be a causal relationship between the yelling and the spilling.

Like he says, if his trash talking bugs, then trash talk back.

Wrecking is not just desert for trash talk.

Anonymous said...

Im thinking everyone is right.
In there own way.
I just hope that right now Olaf is taking it to Bella and doing her right so he can use his fingers and head for something other then typing.
And he can pound it, pound it, pound it.

Anonymous said...

His trash talking should have got him a good slap in the face, but then he took care of that himself,
sounds like karma to me.

Robert Winder said...

People race with passion, sometimes that turns into frustration and leads to trash talk. I don't see a problem with it. It is part of racing, unless you're one of the quiet types that don't appreciate strong words, in which case, please go and teach the children how to make paper airplanes or which stamps to collect, and allow us our fun at the weekend, trash talk, face plants and all.

As for karma, getting a face-plant for trash talk is hardly a fair exchange.

MS is right karma is BS in bike racing. DR is right there is no connection between trash talk and face-planting.

For someone so bent out of shape by trash-talk you appear to be doing a fair amount of it, I wonder what karma will do for you.

Anonymous said...

No offense but karma will creep into every aspect of every little thing life can bring.
You talk shit, you might just sprint away and fall on your face, and look stupid. Call it karma, call it coincidence, call it a stupid move, call it what ever you want, lets just hope form his sake he does not do this idiot like move again. And if you read above, he asked for the trash talk to come back at him, so since trash talk does nothing regarding karma to you, then trash talk is fare game in your opinion. Maybe I will go and teach your kids some of those fun games and hobbies you suggest? That might just be karma slapping you in the face my friend.

Anonymous said...

My idea is lets just move on.
If Rob Winder is telling us what is karma and Dr Nitro is telling us and Mcsassy is telling us, then my idea is lets end this post right here and now.


Anonymous said...

I race with passion Robert, and I think that every single person that day raced with passion, equal to yours and his. But I think trash talking is wrong and can lead to problems. Let your bike and your riding do the talking, if you are not going to say something nice then do not say something at all. Or you just might crash all by yourself and look stupid. I was not there, I did not see it, but from the reviews it looks as if one of the strongest guys did one of the most stupid moves. Call it what you may? Look at it as you might?
Maybe your kids will do some trash talking and get shot for it by some dumb ass. Trash talking can lead one down many bad roads, and I hope we all understand that trash talking is not fun and can lead to some pretty bad situations.
Take this as you will, just be kind to others and treat people properly and the world will be a better place.
And to those who think they know what karma is and how it is defined, well here you go,

"The explanation of karma can differ per tradition. Usually it is believed to be a sum of all that an individual has done, is currently doing and will do.:"

Sounds to me that the guy was going thru karma right there for everyone to see.

Anonymous said...

Buddhism relates karma directly to motives behind an action. Motivation usually makes the difference between "good" and "bad", but included in the motivation is also the aspect of ignorance; so a well-intended action from a deluded mind can easily be "bad" in the sense that it creates unpleasant results for the "actor".

Anonymous said...

your frustrated
you trash talk
and you could get your ass kicked, or worse

i dont see a problem with that either

Anonymous said...

Trash talk is stupid, any way you look at it. Not what I want to do on the weekends or face plant.
I know lets go race our bikes on the weekend, trash talk, and crash, sounds like fun Robert.

Anonymous said...

Liz Hatch said...

Why is getting laid everyone's answer to life's problems?

I could be wrong but all this running around, getting laid seems to cause more problems than it solves.
AIDS, hepatitis, unwanted pregnancy... plus if we were all getting "laid" all the time who would read/argue over blogs? =)

Take it easy people!

Anyway, Martina is awesome to race against, I have a lot to learn. I'm honored to be beaten by her.
Roman, feel better soon. Crashing on your face sucks, I bet we've all done it before.

Unanonymously yours,
Liz :)

Liz Hatch said...

Why is getting laid everyone's answer to life's problems?

I could be wrong but all this running around, getting laid seems to cause more problems than it solves.
AIDS, hepatitis, unwanted pregnancy... plus if we were all getting "laid" all the time who would read/argue over blogs? =)

Take it easy people!

Anyway, Martina is awesome to race against, I have a lot to learn. I'm honored to be beaten by her.
Roman, feel better soon. Crashing on your face sucks, I bet we've all done it before.

Unanonymously yours,
Liz :)

AJM said...

Hey Y'all,

Everyone needs to chill out.
There's no such thing as karmic retribution, especially in a bike race. Roman had bad timing, you're making way too big of a deal out of it.

What did I do to deserve wrecking myself this year? What did Pabcid? What did Olaf? None of us were talking smack or angering the gods or anything else. But 20 broken bones later (between the three of us) what's the lesson?


Roman didn't do anything to deserve what happened, it just goes that way sometimes. And he was yelling in a bike race. Big whoop. Happens all the time, just like crashes.

I'll yell at anyone in a pack if I think they need it. I even recall yelling at Roman a few times. It's only a big deal for outsiders looking in. Move on.


Anonymous said...


You finger-waggers and moralizers belong in church. In a bike race, sometimes the assholes win the sprint and the good-hearted eat a sidewalk. Only the inexperienced would try to tie misfortune to "yelling" as if the two are related. I've seen far too many "unjust" race finishes to think Karma plays any part in
who gets an ambulance ride on any particular day.


Auffderbach said...

It's also possible to go to church and race and yell, as well.
Much more arduous keeping the profanity out but it can be done.
AND, me thinks karma has nothing to
do with crashing, unless, of course, you're a total jerk and you
crash alot!

Anonymous said...

from what i read, there are a lot of know it all people about everything in here




yet it seems to me all of you are so stupid and know nothing at all

runjoelrun said...

Ever occur to anyone that this anonymous guy is typing from Mongolia and having a good time watching everyone fall all over themselves? Just a voyeur from afar who loves to read OV's blog and thought he/she would stir some things up?

Anonymous said...

i think it is a anonymous girl, personally

Velo Bella said...


1 quart Blackberries
1/2 cup hot water
3 tbls cold water
Dash of salt
Dash of cinnamon
2 tbls cornstarch
1 - 1 1/2 cups sugar (adjust sugar to taste)

Wash and pick over berries, discarding any imperfect ones. Combine berries, water, sugar, salt and cinnamon in a saucepan. Bring to a boil, stirring well. Reduce heat an simmer gently about 5 to 8 minutes. Add 3 tablespoons cold water to cornstarch to make a smooth paste. Blend into hot cooking berries. Stir constantly until berries are slightly thick and translucent in color, about 2 to 3 minutes. Serve cold with milk for breakfast or with whipped cream for dessert.

WarrenG said...

Ummmm, blackberries.

I'm making similar tonight with raspberries. Goes nice over brownies with vanilla ice cream, for my wife's monthly bunco/gab fest tomorrow night. Get 'em high on sugar and watch the fun!

Velo Bella said...

I replace the water with whatever liquor is in the house and pour it over ice cream.

mark said...



X Bunny said...

let's see, it's after 11pm, the day after this post, and i'm finally able to read it and there's 71 blasted comments and me with limited time, what with the halloween costumes in jeopardy and all.....

but luckily pabcid filled me in that most of the comments weren't worth reading except to be sure to read AJM's


Anonymous said...

Roman is a good guy
it was a simple mistake
mistakes happen
in my mind
everyone out there is good

lets just all enjoy life

in our own special ways

thanks olaf for letting me post on your babble sight

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

it wasn't a wind from left to right, it was a dead head wind. He was just mad that no one was helping him so he tried to put everyone in the gutter. No reason to put everyone in danger at a local race, but I guess thats the risk we take racing our bikes

Wrong- the head wind straight was the 3rd straight. Final straight was left to right crosswind. Might have been hard to tell in the field.
Love all the hypocritical ranting at the anon posters. If you don't want anon posting, remove it from your blog. Sometimes I just don't feel a dialogue is necessary. Doesn't mean what I have to say is any less valid, yet people start in with all the "pussy" and what-not.

Carry on...

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

didn't you get the memo, Pat?

laid to rest.