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Saturday, September 08, 2007

Elite Track Champyships - dia day-a uno

Took 3 tons of pics today and will try and get them processed to by tomorrow mid-morning (after the luxurious b-fast and snugglins ... not necessarily in that order).

The story of today's events had to be BJM knocking 7 seconds off his ADT Talent Pool 4K to run down into 4:41. That is only 4 seconds off the Olympic (world cup, blahblahblah) standard in only his 2nd pursuit attempt. Mas practice and he'll hit the O.

Roman Kilun was a very strong silver in 4:53, ahead of superdawg Hellman. Kilun will work on his position and gear selection and will be sub-4:50 soon. A suprising 4th was Devon Vigus finding a stellar 4:59 on a day that was not very fast on the track. Tres cool.

There were great races in both the men's and women's Keirin that will need to be told. But that will have to wait until later. Suffice to say, very very good battles on the boards and great spectator action.

but for now, i think there's a caprese with my name on it waiting to be made. off to find ingredients and a nice little bit of cutlery to make it all happen.

~ lates


Anonymous said...

to be clear, OV, that's the world cup talent pool time standard which can only be set on the LA track and only at certain meets.

i just know some lame-o is going to flame you on that one, so try and nip it in the bud, yeah?

thanks for the props though, i surprised myself.

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

whatever, let them flame.

it's bloody quick. world cup, olympic cup, jock cup.



Nome Agusta said...

Where did they set up the barriers?

veloandvino said...

ben hur.. go for gold. don't let peps in offices piss you off..and let your dreams slip by in the the prime.

not many people have your gift.

alicat said...

that kierin pic is amazingly crisp. i'm excited to see the rest of the 3 tons.

PAB(a.k.a.CID) said...

GoBenGo! Faster at Hellyer than ADT? You are just scratching the surface, I'd bet...

Was the smoke bad there today? The central valley air was....unappetising.

And isn't a Caprese a type of car?

Grey said...

I like Matias' bike too.

Kevin said...

4:41 at Helyer is a ripping time. Period.

I would think that 4:41 is very close to if not better than the track record. Said record being set by Chris Huber back in the day.

Brian Peterson said...

Smoke was not an issue, it was a nice day at the track with sun and moderate temps.

BJM is certainly on another level, great ride by him today in both the 4k and the points race.

I asked around some about the 4k track record and some said they thought Dylan Casey did a 4:3X at some point, maybe one of you AMD guys can ask him about his best time.

X Bunny said...

i know you wanna get those photos posted asap,

but how about kern day #2 and 3 first

we've all been waiting very patiently

CyclistRick said...

Fun to come out and cheer on a few folks. We HAD to stay for the JacquesManiac show, which was well worth the price of admission.

Robin Horwitz said...

If BJM can do 4:41 at Hellyer, he should be able to do a time that is less than 4:41 with the same amount of power, aero set up and etc.

LA is always faster than Hellyer. So.....

Anonymous said...

I think Adam Sbeih has the record around 4:36-7, but 4:41 is great. To be a medal contender he'll have to break 4:20, a different world.

Anonymous said...

BJM did better in his individual 4K, than the team pursuit. But both were impressive to watch!