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Saturday, June 02, 2007


Today's stage at Hood was incredible.

i mean, un-frickin-believable.

from the gun, the Disco-geezers were attacking for the win. It was sooo good to see them racing 110%, risking it all for the win.

in the end ... Taz overcame. Dan Martin won the stage against all odds and kept the jersey into tomorrow's strangely shortened 30 minute crit.

i mean, this was one for the record books, folks. 6 AMD throwing everything at us.

great racing.

In the women's, Felicia Gomez won the stage but Goldstein kept the jersey. Bev Harper rode like 10 women today and we'll have to see how high she kept in the GC. McLaughlin slayed herself for Harper. True class in helping out a solo champion like that.

sorry i'm too knackered to write much. lates ~m


Ippoc Amic said...

wow...can't wait to hear guys are awesome and to write updates too...what's up with the shortened crit?

Marco Fanelli said...

OV, that crit tomorrow has your name all over it. Gain a lap, k?!

Congrats to Dan, Bob, and you! And for that matter, to all the Calif geezers animating that race.

Kimberly (aka. DrKim) said...

good job, and good luck in that crit tomorrow!!! Sounds like youre team is rocking!
I survived the TTT today...still not sure what we got, though. OUr classification (140+) had some cycling legends like Pam who knows. :-)

NiceChoi said...

new respect for michael as I saw him slay himself for first 45 miles at the front. Then I saw Dan take over and take every punch and attack from rest of the field for rest of the 40 miles uphill. Well deserve win. I got tired just watching from the back until I dropped off.

Velo Bella said...

You sexy thing!

X Bunny said...

30 minutes?!

that means 5 to go after 17 minutes....

awesome racing!--can't wait to hear every little detail!

happy trails back home

Velo Bella said...

Bev is amazing by the way. My hats off to her!

marscat said...

yeah! sounds tough!

Anonymous said...

nice job.

I wonder though about how McLaughlin's teammates feel about her great sacrifice.

30 minute crit - strange, but I'm sure that should be enough for the bagboys to lap the feild 8 or 9 times.

Kevin said...

Props to the Bag Boys. Pasco went out for a long one with Disco Rob. Then Mike spent the next 45 miles on the front keeping things under control. When the catch was made we threw EVERYTHING we had at them and Dan took it all.

Boyer was throwing down pretty hard also. He had me on the rivet a couple of times.

And you KNOW it's going to be ON today. Should be GOOD FUN!