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Monday, June 04, 2007


dack ... some dude clipped a pedal in front of me and i had to t-bone the poor bugger in yesterday's crit. It was right at crunch time, 4 laps to go, after Metcalf and Dan had done everything storyline to set up a showdown between me and Angermann.

ah well.

thanks to Hutch and Brent for putting humpty-hernando back together again.
- - -

Hood was a blast. The crit was my only chance to pull out the image-clicker ... so, i only have pics of that day. i'll try and get them up to the pbase/vanderpoop ~ but, i still haven't done the Kern pics, so...

Here's a couple, though - 'cuz Cour10ay says there's no good ones of her on the interwebs, 'cuz Jill McLaughlin was unbelievably courageous in the crit, 'cuz the HNutz rode their balls off, and just for shits n' giggles.


dr-nitro said...

Ah, your weakness, you can't bunny hop fallen racers.

marscat said...

we wondered what happened.

hope you're not hurt.

Kimberly (aka. DrKim) said...

Hope you're ok after the crash. You and your teammates had an awesome race before your unfortunate incident in the crit. :-)

and now for the real is the new kitty??

chatterbox said...

Wow! Thanks for the pics. I saw the play-by-play on the crash on the AMD blog. Hope your knee feels better. Way to get back in and finish! Oh, and your TT also impressive.

Brent said...

Hold off on the cyclocross training until after road season jeeze..

Glad you were ok! I ran as fast as my twistered ankle would let me!

Good to see you, sorry for the bum luck that day. send loves to Sabine and kitties.

brent and Jen.

X Bunny said...

do we need to start nagging you about xrays like last time or is everything working properly?

congrats on a most excellent stage race

sorry it had to end on such a painfully sour note

Chris said...

Did you get messed up in the wreck?

As Dr. Nitro mentions, I guess it would be possible to bunny hop fallen riders. However, I have this mental image of trying it and my big chainring getting planted right in the middle of someone's forehead like something straight out of that movie Phantasm.

ddt said...

If you unweight the front of the bike -- well, I don't know how it happened but in a Supaweek crit ages ago a pileup came on like a low-tide wave right in front of me; the first thing I knew I was looking down, hands in the drops, feet still pedaling... over a pile of bodies and bikes. Almost rode over the whole thing but was on a bad line and nosed into the curb. Flipped onto the grass, got my ass back on the bike, kept going.

But enough about blogless me. Glad/hope you're okay, Mr. H. You're a courageous rider at all times.

Now: there's another kitty??

meh-wee-uhn said...

Jill rocked it like no other and I am so glad I got to watch her race.

And, I was chatting with her after the race, and she credits you for planting the seed in her head to gun it for the podium even after she went down and she got swallowed back up by the group. So, good job instigating.

Taz said...

Jill showed some amazing toughness in that crit. She was soo close to joining the two leaders, then crashed, then got a horrible placement back into the race (no where near where she was at the crash time). After the pack finally swallowed her up she collected herself and fought like hell for the final podium spot. IMPRESSIVE! Glad I was there to witness it.

banks said...

I'm cracking up at the picture of Martin and Metcalf at the medal ceremony.

Way to capture what must have been a fleeting and belying moment of Mr. Nice Guy looking jealous.

Kevin said...

Goddamn that Dan Martin!!!!


Oops. Did I say that out loud??


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