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Thursday, May 31, 2007


Dan destroyed the other kids today.

the racing was ... so bloody hard today. hot, windy, and ... well, we couldn't control ourselves.

attacks went on the first lap and never stopped. the break point came on the 2nd time up the long, power climb ... 20k of utter suffering - we ended up forging a break of 7 with all three of us in it. Total fitness/aggression separation.

AMD had a very on-form Rob Anderson make it over. The guy rode out of his gourd today ... impressive. There were a few others with us, mostly northerners. i was on the rivet like nobody's bidness and did what i could to slay it to keep our gap, but ... i cracked like the egg.

Pasco and Dan were amazing. Dan took off and went solo for a lap and a half ... keeping it for a couple minutes. Pasco just barely got nipped in a small group sprint for the podium.

we were pleased.

= = =

In the big kids racing, Aaron's was unstoppable. They put Kat Carrol in the jersey with a huge attack over the climb on lap 3 with Felicia Gomez. The two powered away from the chase and won it with about half a minute over small groups behind.

the TT tomorrow will be awesome to see how that all shakes up.

The men are riding full throttle. O'Niel and his HeathNut boys are playing it perfect but BJM has the jersey right now. HN is confident O'Niel can win the TT.

close bet, that one.

Ben is in huge form right now. what a battle.

- - -

dan and i are staying at Brenna's house tonite. she's looking FINE nowadays ... mwowr! Jill McLaughlin and Bev Harper are in the other rooms. those two are going to rock the TT tomorrow ... you can feel it.

all right, gotta get dan recovered. sorry for the locals only post ... but, i'm in the hurtbag today and can't do anything but mutter around and be useless.

lates, folks.


PAB(a.k.a.CID) said...

hurry up and finish that silly road racing business and get back here...there's track racing to be done!

spent a fair bit of time arranging a new ride...not enough time to grow my own, got an off the rack store-bought model instead. at least it is black...

PAB(a.k.a.CID) said...

oh, and Go Ben Go!

and Go Safeway!

Brennabella said...

You ride hard. It's very cool.

Velo Bella said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Velo Bella said...



Race hard, have fun, and miss me a little!

oh, and is the flower still in the helmet?

Anonymous said...

Glad some other hounds are getting whipped up on instead of lil ol me for once.

Fuk yall........I mean stay up there and kick ass brudda. :)

Now in all honesty kick it big and come home happy.

Love ya schmoopy


Kimberly (aka. DrKim) said...

good luck and have fun! Sounds like it's awesome.
and good luck to the 3/4 women starting tomorrow...

Taz said...

The flower survived the adventure. Mike descends like a rock though, not a flower! The team was amazing today.

chatterbox said...

Nice work, bag boys! All 3 of you in the break - amazing. Good luck with the TT.

Brent said...

see ya this weekend.