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Sunday, June 24, 2007

lazy Sunday morning ...

ah ... no races to drive to, no hotels to check out of ... just me and the women fighting off the cats as they jump and tumble through the summer sunlight bouncing off trees and careening through windows.

and they asked me why i wasn't racing this weekend ...
- - -

Time to catch up a bit, do the dishes, relax and absorb.
and a bit of typing on the compooter, of course.

June 23 - Communiqué "Summary of Mankato Road Race"
(local girls gone wild)

Lisa Hunt, ValueAct Capital Cycling Team manager is fined $70.00 for failure to respect instructions by the commissaries 4H14(a) Passing the Comm 2 Car without permission.

Linda Jackson, Team TIBCO is fined $100.00 for rude behavior towards the race volunteers. 4H15(a)

hoodlums. and we won't mention Dr. Brooke and Cour10ney getting dinged fitty bucks each for littering.

OF COURSE, the UCI officials make no mention of the Columbian and Navigators team cars drilling it off-road around COM1 before permission and the countless amounts of drafting, blah, blah, blah.

$50 for woman dropping a gel wrapper.
acquiescent nod from the stripes for men's team cars who endanger life and limb for nothing.

... whatever.
- - -

well, hopefully we'll be able to get out and do some sort of training today.

more likely, i'll be shuttling back and forth from the kitchen to the laptop checking if Hooptie has any updates on the final brute of a stage at NVGP. I so wish i was there to watch that one.

Go chickas!


X Bunny said...

yeah, i think that's when pabcid decided he'd had enough fun

not that he was tired from the track or anything

Lyne said...

No surprise Armstrong totally dominated and won the last stage. Olds finished 6th overall at 2'42".

Dan Cleary said...

Olaf, message from BJM

Enjoy. What, you think we all forgot about you in MN? ;)

PROMANgirl said...

one of our favourite parts of the week was reading the daily Communiqué seems like Nor Cal hosts many naughty girls! On the issue of tossing bottles in the middle of the pretty MN countyside, i think the fine is apropriate, its easy to drop back in the pack and give your bottles to team car, apparantly tossed bottles can end up getting ground up in the combine harvester and end up in cattle feed resulting in sick cows! Nevermind the litter aspect. Another incident not noted by officials (luckily for the rider) was one of our very own Nor Cal teams tossed a partly full bottle upon entering the 4 laps of the circuits of the Mankato road race, the bottle hit a young female fan of about 5 years old, directly in the face, and knocked her over. ladies do you really think getting rid of half a bottle of water is really going to help in the last 4 miles of your 86 mile race! LAME!!!!

Anonymous said...

even worse the bottle that hit the little girl and knocked her over was full of urine. so when the poor little girl went to take a swig of the bottle that knocked some sense into her she got nothing but a golden shower. norcal teams should be ashamed of themselves for being so rude when all they had to do was wait for 4 laps and then hit the bathroom, instead of relieving themselves in the car and hitting a poor young bystander on the side of the road with the left-overs.

Velo Bella said...

must you be so retarded? I think T.Marie has some clothes for you.

Anonymous said...

Linda Jackson is just plain rude anyway... she was as a racer, so why should she be any differnet now?

BTW, did she ever have any kids like she was trying too? Never heard anything on that after the whole retirement cuz I want a baby thing.

Anonymous said...

I was there, and she tried to throw the water bottle out the window when no one was around. But it actually had a small leak on the side of the bottle and it was slowly losing the urine and so she just went ahead and chucked it out the window in a hurry. She did not mean to hit anyone, and even though she laughed when she threw it, she did feel bad when she heard she tagged a little girl. It was a honest mistake.

Anonymous said...

Honest mistake or not that was was not a good thing to do and they should lose their racing liscence as far as I am concerned. I am going to submit a full protest to the race organiser and the USA Cycling to either fine them for this horrible deed or to withdraw the team manager. The sponsors will all recieve a letter about this gross action and I hope the sponsors pull the plug in their committments. This is the kind of stuff that gives womens racing a bad report. I am going to get other women racers to also write letters to the sponsors of this team.

Anonymous said...

"Chill Winston".

PROMANgirl said...

i think we are talking about a different incident! this bottle was thrown by a racer, no cars allowed on the circuit

dr-nitro said...

Maybe the officials read Hutch's post on littering and were trying to win a bottle of vino.

Brent said...

im confused. Why is Linda drinking urine from a bottle in the car?

Who pee's in a bottle anyway?? Yuck.

Anonymous said...

Yo, Mr. Hernando....My fine was rescinded, thank you very much. The officials love me. Yes, Courtenay got a littering fine; but she ALSO got into a breakaway for 20 miles.

How come you NEVER write anything about the ValueAct Capital Cycling Team?????

Love and kisses, Lisa Hunt

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

"How come you NEVER write anything about the ValueAct Capital Cycling Team?????"

... just doing my best to not let your fabulous successes go to your heads.

besides, how many "hotties of the peloton" comments can a boy make?

Steven Woo said...
Damian captured the two worst crashes, ouch for the guy who lands on his head in the first one and for the guy who slides for thirty feet in the last one.

Skibby said...

FWIW, in the men's race, bottles were flying around like crazy, and it annoyed the commissaire but she was too busy monitoring more important things to nail anyone. The thing that kills me is that it's a huge pain in the ass to come back and get water, then I'd watch guys ride back into the bunch, take one swig and throw a half full bottle only to come back later for more water. Although I suspect some of the times the guys were going back for a "turbo bottle", I witnessed quite a bit of that in my rear view mirror...