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Saturday, June 23, 2007

i think i tore my uvula

the track racing was pretty boss tonite.

DHolla skooled, Reaney smashed, Gio was smooth like butta, and Jeffe raced in 37 different events.

there was smacktalk and chainbreaks and lungs skidmarked on cement bankings.

i was almost as retarded in the match sprints as i was in the miss-n-out.

but, i rode hard and got the spinning in and they even handed me some cash afterwards.

so all in all, a successful nite. but, christo on a stick ... my pedalstroke sucks donkey.

we'll have a few mo' pics up soon.
- - -

anyway, Miller nabbed 3rd in the NVGP crit with Shelley 5th, in the process, collecting herself enough bonuses to move up to 3rd in GC.


tomorrow's gonna be warfare for those women.
go get 'em.


Chris said...


Bwana khaka hookah hula, russia sherpa sheila huh.

Mamba magna, chukka circa, claustra dacha, retin-a.

Viva vodka volga volta, supra sura sutra the.

Pizza plasma plaza pleura, tulsa tuna tundra uh.

Brahma boca burma buddha, via versa vedanta.

Gonna needa doctah's suit-cha....

....Probly tore my you-view-la!

PROMANgirl said...

PROMAN are locked and loaded for todays 86 mile road race! girls are feeling good. Shelley 4th in crit yesterday, missed track racing but this is amazing! the Minneapolis crit was insane, tons of fans, this is as good as it gets in the U.S. It shows that we get to race in the strongest district, the Nor Cal gals are on fire!

T. Marie said...

is that Miss Mary Maroon I see there in the pic?

X Bunny said...

too much spinning makes me dizzy

X Bunny said...

and pabcid is officially being limited to 35 races next week....

Hooptie said...

Final stage of NVGP about to start, live updates on my blog...