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Monday, June 25, 2007

you guessed it, mas ramblingones

NVGP (or the MinnesOda bike festival) ~

all i gotta say about it is - rad racing ... and we were a few thousand frequent flier miles away.

I'm hoping BJM's 5th in GC kept him leading the NRC rankings, but whatever abacus they use to divine those numbers is hidden from me ... so, i'll have to check the currents. Speaking of BJM, Cleary pulled a paparazzi on him to transmit an encoded message back to the homelands. In a nutshell, BJM's message was "hernando is a douche."

and how rock star is BJM, anyway? ... with his pimp-my-ride sunglasses and photographers in the background. whatevah, i do what i want.

Well, thanks for the giggles, Cleary. Of course you're going to have to be paid back for that one ... i'm thinking during this year's Halloween cross race ... left coast style.

So, the question is ~ will BJM use the energies needed to defend the NRC lead to the end of the year. It is a prestigious title ... and one few ever get a chance to dream at. But, it will be costly.

Gawdamn, makes you wanna strap on the cleats and take a pull.

Mara Abbott jumped up to 2nd in GC with her stormer of a ride on Sunday. Oh doctor, this chick is the real deal. I wonder if Webcor is going to have the glue to keep her with them next year? What a talent. And, with this result - she too, is looking like an NRC title contender. That's a lot to ask of a rider so young ... but, she looks like the shoulders can bear a lot.

PROMAN ~ i'll gush a wee bit. Olds fought valiant for a solid 6th overall. I mean, come'on ... that's pretty huge. She showed herself at the front of the race, overcame some adversity, took it to the race.

The team performed well, all around.

And then, Nikky flying back from MN on the redeye - arriving in the dark hours before joining horns with KDrumm to drill a leadout for TFord's BGame win?


One of those weeks where you just sit back and sigh in satisfaction.

and that's why i love cycling. these moments of accomplishment and enjoyment ... punctuated. and in 3 weeks time, nothing remains but blown over sand castles.

leaving us with a freeing, forward feeling 'what's next?'
- -

pee bottles tossed out windows and hitting kids?

really, that's info i don't need to have, t'anks all the same.
- - -


casey said...

Here is the link to the NRC schedule The schedule lists what category each race is.

Here is the link to the NRC points schedule for each type of race and race category Looks like if you have a lot of time you could figure out the current points

renevatio said...

...yeah, stormin effort from the ProMan chicks. You gotta give it up to Virgina Perkins in her first NRC gig riding for Shelly...somthin special here if she lets it happen...nice work!

Anonymous said...

Burlingame was an awesome time.
I have to say I was blown away by that Webcor/AV W4 -- I had my money on her to win it as she looked strong and raced smart, she had a well-timed attack w/ 8 to go but hit a hole hard when OTF (I think the same one that took down some men later on) - her chain flew down to her frame and cleat came out -- we were standing right there. Impressive was the fact she stayed calm, kept the rubber down, and moved out of the way from the pack. Even more impressive was her 7 lap chase -- she never caught on but we had her timed at the exact same speed of the pack! That's heart and grit and it's good to see that in the lower women's levels (in addition to the absolutely stellar higher W's cats).
NorCal women are just plain fantastic. Congrats to Shelley and all the ProMan WoMen.

-geezer fan who always gets his butt kicked by olaf.

Benjaminiac said...

i was doing math in my head as i was getting dropped on the last lap of stillwater. it's like a week-long points race on the track.

jAndy donka-donk said...

What Shelley did was amazing. She outsprinted the sprinters, dropped climbers in the hills, TT'd with some of the best......

She rode like a GC rider with no experience as a GC rider in the big show. It was really impressive.

And all the time with the same low key Shelley smile that she gives you on the local group ride.....

It was worth the trip to watch her ride in person......