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Friday, June 22, 2007

latest word from ...

The Hunter ~

"2007-06-22 02:32:32 GMT

Hey hey, it's Rick Hunter calling from uh, where am I? Pinedale, Wyoming. And uh, helluva ride again today. It's pretty hot, getting pretty hammered today, sunburned. But uh, covering the miles, just not going very fast. Did about 130 today. There are some pretty cool hot rods in this town. And uh, I caught a ride in the pilot car. Three miles and it's just going downhill, so it's not going to really give you an advantage. Just going to slow you down a little bit. Made it over the pass, and ordering a pizza right now. So, hope things are good. Wanted to say hi to all my family and friends, and all my inlaws in Calgary. Shout out to the racing team, DFL of San Francisco. You guys are the worst bike club ever. This man rides for you (that's what I think he said. Could be "wipes"? Hmm). All right, take it easy. I'll see you in Colorado, hopefully. Later, bye."
- - -

The AJM ~

"JoJo has been completely taken over by the SpongeBob, all hope is now gone."

Apparently, Andy has improved enough to be experimenting with his medications. We have GinShop proof.

Get Well Brudda!
- - -

American Velodrome Challenge ~

mark your calendars, folks. The Hell'yeah honchos are putting together a brewski/food party to attract crowds for the opening night of the AVC.

there'll be contact info up here this weekend and a little smack talk, ta' boot!

July 20th ... ink that in the calendars, baby!


Hooptie said...

Live NVGP crit updates...

Click the blog tab

Hunter Cycles said...

Just wanted to make it clear that Rick said "wipes" and not "rides"
It's great to know that so many people are following the race.
I talked to him last night and asked him why he wasn't ordering 2 pizzas.