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Friday, June 22, 2007

Friday Quickies

Really ...

no idea why i prefer
women's cycling.
- - -

none at all.
- - -

Run, don't walk over to Dr. Jeru's house of fun.

lawdy-lawdy, that brutha slays me.

- - -

First Friday Nite

Hellyer'Drome is gonna be hoppin' tonite, babay! Soni is bringing food and Sabine is tappin' the brewskis. can't wait to get out there and make my legs throw up. since me and Sabine are hitting the CCCX mtb on Saturday, i get to toss myself into the meatgrinder tonite and blow out all the carbon.

i'll admit, the Tues and Wed suffer'vals felt wonderful.

i'm looking forward to July.


Anonymous said...

I know why you like womens racing so much... It's b/c you are such the metrosexual. Atleast thats what all the men in the Peloton say

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

metroslutsual, you mean.

eek, i've been outted!

dr-nitro said...

Um, cycling qualifies as one of the top two metro sports. So, um, it is not a question of whether anyone in the peloton (a very metro term by the way) is metro, but how metro. Given Hernando (a metro name if I have ever heard it) has been known to wear pink helmets with furry tails, it is clear that he is the king.

Anonymous said...

VAC's Aussie Hottie Katie Mactier got second in today's TT....

other results? haven't heard yet...shaking up the GC!


Velo Bella said...

Am I supposed to share? (The brewskis I mean)

dr-nitro said...

Oh, please share Hernando. Wait, that sounds a little beyond metro.

Brewskis, yeah brewskis.

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

TT results are here

bring enough for us all, honeee!

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

All results can be found through:

Looks like BJM was 2nd to O'Niel again ... 3 seconds.

big surprise is Stevic only 9 seconds down.

he might be fighting for GC on this one.

Nome Agusta said...

You have carbon?

sydney_b said...

y'all make me laugh. Sounds like you're gonna have a great time. Me? This weekend is gonna be a 4 hour enduro in the heat and ticks. I bet you're jealous. You and your cold beer. Pffftt.

Anonymous said...

mmm CCCX tomorrow maybe Ill make the day drive...


PROMANgirl said...

Shelley holds on to 5th place GC! the PROMAN gals are having a great time. Dave Towle is a huge PROMAN fan and so we are getting tons of air time and even more for being the grass roots underdogs! guest rider 'Virginia must have coffee in the morning or else Perkins' rode an insane race at cannon falls, always near the front, ready for anything and finished 13th in a field of 100. NOR CAL GALS RULE! i really hope some of our local girls eventually get a chance to race NVGP, its a great race that really supports women, more crit action tonight, Minneapolis downtown classic 40 min race, sprints every 7 laps, pancake flat.

veloandvino said...

T ford is flyin solo. She will be cheerin too.

Anonymous said...

I hear that guest rider VPerkins is a product of the little known CRC developmental program based in SF. ;)

Best of luck to the Proman Girls.


Steven Woo said...

Heterosexual makes more sense than metrosexual here...

My legs are toast on Saturday after racing Friday night.

Sandwiches to pick up on the way - a little chaotic inside and the traffic on Tully is a nightmare...

dr-nitro said...

Metrosexuals are heterosexuals.

Anyway, looks like I'll have to save my bag of tomatoes for another time, since it looks like I'm doing the morning valley drive for the Stockton gloryfest.

Given hell, Hernando. And make sure that you have enough product on your blacktop for the paparazzi shots.

Grey said...

gawd. where do these people live?

metro doeth not equal homo.

bike racers are the biggest bunch of metros, though. leg shaving, and always talking about how fat they look in their skinsuits.

hernando: i do love how ghey you are. :)

happy pride weekend, everyone.

Steven Woo said...

Um, I didn't write metro=homo, you read that into it *yourself*...

Grey said...


way to call out my snooty sf self.

sometimes it is hard to differentiate between the heteros and the homos though.

thank goodness for metrosexuality to make things clear for us!

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