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Thursday, June 21, 2007


Tommorrow morning is the 4.5 mile TT at the NVGP.

- - -

At the moment Cheatley has a bit of buffer between the monsters. But Armstrong is the specialist ... the world champion. Will she take the jersey?

21 seconds ... oh my, it's going to be close.

4.5 miles.

an eternity of hurt, if you let it happen.
- - -

Shelley is 11 seconds off the jersey.

Don't think about it. Don't let it enter your mind.

Just think about the race, the warm up, the entry off the ramp as speed is brought up and everything is given to each pedalstroke. There is no outside influence ... just the course and the gearing and the pain greeted as familiar friend. Remember that breathing is deep and full and what gives wings. Remember strength and control ... and smooth harmony.

Bring Smokey Robinson on that shit.

Brooke Miller repeated in today's stage.

How f'ing cool is that?

- - -

NorCal femmes bringing it to one of the best races in the nation.



alicat said...

you post about folsom left me with chills. and now i'm riveted to the women in MN. Damn hot!

banks said...

"Remember that breathing is deep and full and what gives wings. Remember strength and control ... and smooth harmony."

Earlier this year you wrote "til your teeth bleed."

"Til your teeth bleed" has since pulled me through moments in a race when I wanted to say "no more."

Your two lines above are going to stick with me also.

Dan Cleary said...

And, they are so beautiful

Hooptie said...

I've got quick and dirty TT results up on my blog.

Anonymous said...

Here's the URL to Hooptie's blog

runjoelrun said...

The NVGP web site is not very up to date on results, since the TT is done already and can't see what happened. Anyone have a better link to results?

runjoelrun said...

I see that Hooptie has posted some results but I can't read the entire URL in the 'anonymous' post. Can you repost?

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

you can see men's and women's results for all stages at: