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Sunday, June 10, 2007

5.5 hours of driving for what?

ok, quick post before i hit the shower and then douse myself with margaritas.

District TT

le ouch.

slow conditions this year for the early risers. usually, it's the Elites who get the best winds ... but, not this year. This year, it was the age-groupers that had a tad more favorable conditions and the bigger engines.

UltraGeezer DiscoHellmen won the Elite with a 53:13. Almost 2 minutes slower than his time last year in the Elites, i think. He was followed on the podium by CalGiantBerry Mattis (reeking of embarrasment in getting it handed to him by an old dude half his size and twice his paycheck). Third was young Morales of DBC ... good effort by that youngster.

The Elite Women was won in a bit of a shocker by Molly Van Howler as she desposed of Jane easily enough. 3rd was Webcor's Harper ... feeling tired and cranky after a rough week moving stuff and not really recovered from that epic Hood.

The fastest time of the day was still up for contention when me and Sabine fled the scene. It was within a second or two from Prince Hootch and AMD's MeatCalf. They both were in the 52:14 range ... i'll await word from others as to who took the bragging rights.

Hard, hard conditions today. The headwinds back were ugly and merciless. It was a day for the true TT'ers.

Big Bad Bosch was all over the 35's ... taking the win by a scant second over Angermann. oooo, Erik the Angry was pissing vinegar for half an hour over himself at why he didn't do this or that to get 1 measley second faster.

good racing.

but, to my mind ... flat time trials suck. there's nothing to attack but your own chamois. there's no drama, and all kinds of numbness. [i think that vasectomy is no longer needed, honey.]


but, it's pretty kickass to see the big efforts.

time trials suck.
- - -

Track Rules

got to borrow Sadoff's Rock Lobster most gorgous track bike for Saturday's racing. oooooo ... it was so sweet.

Da'PAB was hung'over like a neutron bomb ... going toe-to-toe with Lothar on the mead flasks the night before. But, we still rode our legs silly out there and it looks like i might have taken the omnium.

Nabbed the first points race but got schooled in the miss-and-out again. Some of the real trackies gave me a bit of what'fer in that one ... so, had to bust out a little fitness in the final points race to show them i'll go down swinging - everytime.

Pretty much, i'm addicted to the Velodrome.

The C fields were HUGE. Rick Adams smartly separated them into 2 divisions, kind of C and C+. The faster C's were very, very fast. It was cool to see the PROMAN chicks Tracy and Nic go out there and mix it up proper. But, i've got to wonder if there will be more women showing to race at the VDrome? Women's specific events would be pretty killer to see.
- - -

ok ... gotta wash some stank off.
hope ya'll had a good weekend. we're off to the land of 30-proof and DVD's.


Kevin said...

It was Hutchy. 52:14 to 52:20.

The winds were ugly. I was NINE minutes slower on the return leg. I thought I was a superstar at first on the way out. Then I noticed how bad everybody looked who was coming back... :-)

Oh yeah, flat time trials ROCK! But so do hilly time trials. And road races... Crits... track racing... Oh hell, let's face it. Bike racing kicks ass.

shawndoggy said...

nine minutes holy crap you must've been going 40 mph on the way out. I'm not worthy!

PAB(a.k.a.CID) said...

BB in that helmet....killin me.

Lotsa heroes out there today. My favorite (after the XBun, of course), was Reno's Cristine Anderson shaving huge chunks off of her time from last year to win the women's 4 division, and doing so in the worst conditions of the day.

Oh, and yes, I agree, TTs suck.

Kevin said...

Bad math day for me. Not nine minutes slower it was six. 23:20 out, 29 back. I got confused.

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

23:20 ... dag.

i think i was about 25:and change out, bit over 29 back.

really felt the position on the way back. not low enough, not narrow enough.

meh, i can't be bothered.

robert said...

TT's... pah. There are no redeemable qualities to be found, its a race of power not skill. The race of truth is futile. I ride from the start wondering when I'm going to be passed.

Some say you shouldn't be able to think because of the pain. I've only been there a couple of times during a TT and then I start looking for a wheel to ride on. I've got the bike, wheels and helmet, now, if only I had the power.

Congrats to all that can disconnect the brain and let the legs do the work.

jAndy donka-donk said...



Either drill for the first spot and maybe move up and swap off for a protected second high second spot....


Sprint high from the back every lap around at least one person...

Don't draft and sit in until you understand what is needed to box in and not be boxed in. I may get in trouble for giving this info out for free....

PROMANgirl said...

word is that Ms Roberge had the fastest ladies time of the day, she raced masters and beat elites time, not surprising really - world champ. 3.5 yrs off the bike, 3 months back on - she is tough!

track, yes please, more ladies! There was a women's race on Sunday, looks like a few showed up as per Woo pics. If Friday nights will have enough women, they will run separate womens race. kelly b and i are working on getting some additional prizes for the AVC race to encourage more women to participate. (not just prizes for winners) get those sassy Bellas down there. those blokes were bloody fast on saturday! Cup cake pic on blog!

Robin Horwitz said...

For the AVC race (Elite Women), there'll be Sprint, Keirin, Miss and Out, 10 mile and Points Race. Approximately $200 for each race but I expect that to go up after recent additions of new sponsors.

Also we'll have prizes for each primes.

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

Roberge had a bit better conditions than the Elites, but she still stomped that thing something fierce. Came across the line pretty much apoplectic from effort.

cup cake hooters, yeah!!!
- -

Rob ... you said it.
- - -

JAndy - tried all those tactics, still got stuffed.

knowing what to do is not the same as having the touch and vision to do it.

it'll get there, but mo' practice is needed.

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

i plan on using a full memory card at the AVC.

i'm hoping the lighting will be kick ass for pics.


Nome Agusta said...

I noticed you slowed down a bit on the way out when we hit the trees. You started coming backwards for a few minutes. I thought maybe you had a flat. If you did I was considering giving you my wheel since I was just soft pedaling it.

Not sure what happed to McSassafrass...mechanical?

It was a big mans course this year. Big Steve Vickery (EMC) took second to Hutch.

bbElf (a.k.a. panda) said...

Gooooooooooooo Molly!

McSassy said...

Not sure what happed to McSassafrass...mechanical?

It was a big mans course this year. Big Steve Vickery (EMC) took second to Hutch.

You answered it!

I'm not a big guy to start with.

Then I goofed and realized my SRM battery was dead at the line, oof.

Then once I got passed by Olaf and Jeff I knew I was off the podium for sure so I rode it in to get a few BAR points.

TT's suck.........

Well I like them but when you dont do your TT training leading up to them they suck.

Now lets go climb a little bit.