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Friday, June 08, 2007

Weekend whatup

After a little track session to jellify the legs ... it's off to that piece O' shit time trial in Sattley.

i can't stand that thing. flat, boring, and the infamous road ruts that have you bumping off your aero bars every 6 pedalstrokes.


Still, there will be battles.
- - -

In the Elites ... poor Killit goes as first rider. I actually like being the signal flair to start the day ... no distractions.

well, until they pass you.

There's some 3rd Pillard (Michael O'Niel) that whooped the shit out of everyone last weekend at Dunlap. He posted the fastest overall time as a Cat 4. Interesting to see if he puts together another big effort against the favorites. Aside from Roman, there look to be a number of high-octane boys out there. The Cal Giant crew can all TT well ... so, blah blah and bully for them if they can win another race. I'd be more interested in seeing if old-guy Hellman can get on the podium. He's a specialist in the one-speed effort and i think the form will be good after Hood.

1. HeathNut's Killit
2. Disco-Geezer Hellman
3. Spine's Barbary
4. Blackened Taz
5. CalBerry Mattis

all separated by a handful of seconds.
- - -

For la femmes ~ it's a small, but very interesting field this year. MetroMint Van Howler is pushing envelopes all over the place. With her half-minute win over Despas at Dunlap ... she's likely the favorite going into Sunday's District Championship.

However, there are the duelling juggarnauts to contend with: Webcor's Bev Harpah and PROMAN's Shelley O. Harper is the scientist of the TT ... precise, locked, unflappable. Shelley is the cannon ... explosive, untapped, unpredictable.

This is gonna be an awesome race.

1. Webcor's Harper
2. MintyFresh Van Howlalot
3. PROlds
4. Despot
5. Touchstones' Ross
- - -

GeezerFields ~

boy version 2.007 ... fastest time of the day is probably going to be a battle between Spiney Hootch, AMD's Bailey, and the MeatCalf. Erik the Angry might squeeze in there, too ... but, he excels at courses with more undulations, accelerations, and necks to gnaw upon.

girl style? Giana Roberge is making a splash back on the scene, so she might be the top grey-hair of the day. But Left Coast's Nina Patterson has some oompf and there is always that knitting machine Liz Beneshin to contend with. She could pedal a TT with her eyes crochetted.

Juniors ...

yeah, they're racing.

let's hope they don't post a faster 10 or 20k than i could.

little bastards.


shawndoggy said...

Who cares who WINS a time trial...? Most of us are never going to go way into the low 50s out there, but each and every one of us can race our best race.

We all get to crawl into the pain cave, to bust out the suitcase of courage, to visit with our own personal heart of darkness. That's where the real race is, and ultimately we'll all win or lose that battle alone.

I'm glad it's only once a year, but shnykies, I'm looking forward cranking the pain to 11 and doing battle with the wind.

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

Who cares who WINS a time trial...?

the winners.

race of truth and all.

there's gonna be wind? i'm staying home.

jAndy donka-donk said...

Seeing Dan take it easy on weds night.....

he has my vote....

You also have Buckley on the start list, Barbary has been riding really well with his clear head this year....

Still cant count Dan out, he has been the surprise lately. Well not really a surprise if you were worshiping him a few years ago like I was...

McSassy said...

I just want to post up a new PR

thats good enough for me.


X Bunny said...

i don't do hearts of darkness

but i will race for milkshakes

captain sassy pants said...

oh shawn cares, hes going to be pulling all the stops out and turn some heads in the process.

Adam Switters said...

The good money is on Morales

Anonymous said...

Switters,you could be right about Morales but the phrase is "smart money" not "good money". Olaf, please refer to Team Spine as some disrespectful name as you do with most of the other teams, especially the masters teams. I can offer you some choices but you're so creative with the keyboard, I hardly think its necessary or appropriate.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the props Hoot but I won't be there. Just too far to drive and I need to train proper right now.
Hope you have a good go at it. If it was more like 2hours away I'd probably go but otherwise cbf.


I bet that Marco guy takes it.

captain sassy pants said...

smart money is on me being drunk for the tandem race

shawndoggy said...

2 hours away... I can count on one hand the number of such races I have available....

Olaf, you kicked my arse. And I'm soooo serious -- you would beat A-man and Bosch on a propa TT bike (and good lord man I can't believe you are running those conti tires -- they have to cost you 20 seconds alone).

And shoot, with better tires, latex tubes and a LG rocket or other good TT helmet and you'd be right there in the running... without even upgrading your rig.

Yeah yeah who am I... the also ran guy... but you've got 40 watts on me man.

Olaf Vanderhoot said...



time trials ... bleck.