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Monday, June 11, 2007

another monday's ramblings ...

LippyHeimer looks laviscious-like at Le'Tour

he was close to beating the prologue specialist, Wiggins, in the opener of the Dauphine. BUT, preliminary results have him invisible for today's stage.

abandoned by his DiscoMates?

interested to see. If he's still healthy and whatevah, this is probably the Golem's best chance to win a Yellow Jersey. The big hitters are all sitting sidelines this year with the exception of Vino the Great. But, Vino will have to fend off his knife wielding teammate, Kloden. THAT will be an fascinating dynamic to watch unfold.
- - -

J. Carney is a waa-waah

i guess there was some sort of brewhaha at the TourAVagina this year that sent Carney into the corner for a timeout. they haven't dished the punies yet ... but, i don't think anyone would mind if Carney had to sit out a few months.

I still get shivers watching that Trexler vid that Steve dug up where Carney gets himself flipped in retaliation for a nice bank chop.

daag... not my kind of track racing.
- - -

You want me to do what with that?

i mean, what the hell ... it put a couple bills in my pocket.

Magellan is launching some sporty-spice version of their GPS thingie. On Saturday, i spent about 5 hours pasting on a "happy face" and riding a mountain bike back and forth on trails as some dudes took pictures.

i feel dirty.

They told me just to show up like i'd normally do for a mountain bike, but with baggies and a camelback and they'd make changes for the shoot if needed. So, 6am ... i primadonned my ass up there in my nerd-version of a trail ride.

Attire choice #1: Rock Lobster jersey.
Resonse: uhh ... too roady.

Attire choice #2: Team Wrong Way jersey
Response: hmm ... kinda porn, isn't it?

Attire choice #3: Safeway jersey.
Response: NO.

So, with FOX baggies and plain-jane dirt jersey ... i played Hernandolander all morning long. Christ did i feel like a fukking dork. But, at least i've got my cross frame paid for now.

slut that i am.


dr-nitro said...

Oh, the tough life of a male model. But wait, you got cold hard cash? Damn that Voler, and Hind way back when, I only got swag. Lucky you. Just stay away from those male model gasoline fights.

Anonymous said...

Carney fight

It was a bad seen. This is the short version. Hardman said to the chase group "let's not race the finishing circuit...just cruise in" then he attacked the group. Carney smacks Hardman in the head just after the finish line..Hardman launches his bike at Carney...Carney gets off his bike and stomps on Hardmans bike breaking every piece...two of Harney's teammate thugs run on the course and began to beat the crap out of Hardman. All of which happens right after the finish line, in front of the the judges and crowds. (Hang you head in in discust) I know that Hardman was kicked off his Pro team and Carney and friends are going into the penalty box for this one!

Velo Bella said...

And you scored a Fox jersey, shorts and gloves too!

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

Just stay away from those male model gasoline fights.

too late.

All of which happens right after the finish line, in front of the judges and crowds.

hang the head in disgust, indeed.


Olaf Vanderhoot said...

yeah ... but honey, they're baggies fer chrissake.

do people really dress like that?

Anonymous said...

lippy is still in second on gc according to the french press. cyclingnews must have a typo.

dr-nitro said...

How did you survive the conflagration?

X Bunny said...

maybe they weren't meant to be baggies but that was the smallest size they had....

Anonymous said...

Carney can be a jerk off, but what happened to him at T-town was just brutally wrong. He did NOTHING wrong in the race and if you watch closely Ben B rode into his wheel in turn 4.

But now bike stomping? Sheesh.

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

dunno ... it is so subtle, but it does look as though Carney brought it down on that front wheel at Trexler.

still, i would have given a 2 year suspension to mister flip'yer bars. that sort of shit has NO place in the sport.

as for bike stomping ... these kids need to have their asses smacked.

fucking idiots, the lot of them.

jAndy donka-donk said...

Hearing first hand about the Hardman/Carney match.....

I see where the masters are getting their "Fight Club" bike racing tips from...

And the T-town face full-o-track...

He was jumping around his teammate which is all good, he was out of the lane before the movement which is all good, and he was flicking in the turn and not the straight which is all good....

Gotta watch your front wheel until you are in the straight!!!!

After that you can go down and DQ someone but you wont get any money for it, so I would still watch my front wheel....

Wish we had a vid for the Hardman match like we did for the T-Town match, Ultimate fighting at its best.....

Chris said...

Leipheimer lookin' lazy,loses little legging last-ish.

Danielson DNFs. D'oh!

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

danielson ... he should just sign up with HealthNutz and be done with it.

trackie front wheels ...

flicking with intent to crash is ... always going to get your ass in trouble.

kharma and all that shit, ya' know.

dr-nitro said...

Jame was always a hot headed, big headed, Jersey boy Punk. He should have taken notes from his brother, Jonas.

That said, the track incident was pure Springer show trash. Father/son drama, and surely a reaction to past Jame transgressions, creating a distorted filter to the original crash. Then toss in collusion charges against Marty Nothstein over the DQ that Carney got that night. Christ, bring in Lemond to talk about what Jame told him during a phone conversation, and it will be complete.

Race, and chill afterwards with some beer, people.

Anonymous said...

Hernando Ol' boy, the Carney-Asada was pure legit flick that appeared (to me) to have no malice or intention to crash anyone. Remember track and road are different. Then remember the Keirin (the Carney Race) and endurance track are again different.

The bar grabber (Lakatosh) got lead out by Carney the year before (their season Keirin Cup or whatever) and made some mad skrilla from his help. One year later and he Jimmies him.

I guess there's a crap load of karma waiting to be served cold and hard at T-town.

Don't even ask about all the 50+ year old coaches boning the 16 year old women racers at that track.

That place is pretty slimey. Santa Maria!

Chris said...

Danielson DNF-----Chavanel DNS!


Ou sont les Sylvains d'antan?

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

"Don't even ask about all the 50+ year old coaches boning the 16 year old women racers at that track."

... ew.

un autre soleil r├Ęgle

Little_Jewford said...

"Don't even ask about all the 50+ year old coaches boning the 16 year old women racers at that track." this anonymous a former TTowner? even middle pack cat 4 scum like me heard those rumors over the years...maybe he or she feels like telling the Carney camp vs Marty camp stories too