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Thursday, May 03, 2007

in the sNewz

Tour of Gila ~

NathanO, the Aussie monster, f'ing stomped that TT yesterday. Holey shyte. That guys is going to be unstoppable this year. The way he climbed up Brasstown at Georgia? ... i can't see anybody beating him at Gila this year.

but, that race do crack a few.

Mogollon stage is today (pronounced, "mogee-yone"). It's a classic hardman's stage. The finishing climb is steep and twisty and goat-steps up a vicious, baked little road ... finishing next to an old army watering truck ~ you're only source of shade or hydration for miles.

BJM might be able to win it in a sprint ... but, he's going to have to hang on to ONiel and Moninger and any 120lb latin americans that always seem to show up to this race.

I haven't seen a Gila this stacked with talent since everyone was putting in the big miles for the 2000 Olympic Trials. I remember TCruz off the front forever on the final stage that year, a brute of a climber's race that has sent a few riders into pro-level projectory. Danielson, Donald with Slipstream ... it's even where Todd Wells got his groove back on to be at the top.

Gila is a good showcase.

For the women? It's clear that Webcor are stamping themselves as the best stage racing team in the US. It will be interesting to see if there are any climbers in the bunch that might be able to play off that dominance and sneak past them. Personally, i don't think it will happen. That Webcor team is too strong and too smart. And now we are seeing that they have threats other than Thorburn for the GC. That will make them one of the best stage race teams in the world, if they continue developing more talent.

- - -

Southeast Crits

... looks like Kat Carroll might have lost her lead in the series to the Pic'inator. You just can't stop that juggernaut. But, Carroll had a big run in the leader's jersey and there still are 4 races to go. You just keep attacking.

- - -

Cat's Hill


PROMAN's Olds for the women and ERiggsy for the men (if he can ride more with his brain and less with his wiener, that is).

Man, i will miss the party that is Cat's Hill. Sitting on top of that 500% gradient, heckling the sufferers like there's no tomorrow ... beer feeds and screams at the top 'O.

that's just heaven, yo.
- - -


i just want to do the Swanton TT tonite and not freeze my ass or numb my hoohaw until it falls off.


lauren said...

totally off topic but wiener is actually spelled weiner.

i learned that today. i had it spelled wrong too.

Velo Bella said...

i before e except after c or when sounded like a as in neighbor or weiner

chatterbox said...

Ah, 2ueen Bella is once again teaching us the finer points of the written word.

Hooptie said...

You can skip the race...but not the afterparty..Cats Swill in on!

Grey said...

e before i? that's weird.

(pronounced wayrd)

I loved Gila. In a hate way--Mogollon always killed me. But one of my best days ever on a bike was at the Gila Monster stage.

maleonardphi said...

I thought a hoohaw was a girly part? I'm so confused.

Mark A. said...

Hernan Munoz from the Halcones (Hawks) squad ran away with today's Mogollon stage. 4 days ago at Bisbee Mr. Munoz attacked us on the final climbs and put 1:30 into the lead group containing eventual race winner Ramsey whose tempo was so strong all I could do was hang on. Mr. Munoz came up 13 seconds short of climbing his way into the Lime Green GC jersey. Blam! If I'm big old Nathan O'Neil, I'm concerned.

Anonymous said...

Riggs w/o a team at Catshill? Not gonna happen my friend...