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Thursday, May 03, 2007

but i like the cookie

shit shit shit

daaah ... thtpthpththtpbittybittybitty ...

what is it with me?

all i can think about is stupid bike racing.

when's the next one?
did somebody say stage race?
urrhhurrrhr ... where's my bike!!!


today's frickin lunch 'recovery' ride was like tugging on an amp cord that gave me nothin but "uh-unh, mistah ... if it's too loud your too old."

jayzus ... gotta race gotta race gotta race.

i need help
- - -

I mean ~ it's not like i don't have a life. I love my woman, spoil my cat, read, can name more heads of government than most could US states.

True ... i'm not very hip on pop culture - have never watched the American Idol or know what MTV throws down throats nowadays...

but ~ it's not like i'm ...

fukkit, who am i kidding.

complete and incurable bike racing junky.

[insert narcissm ... oh, it's already - here]



DHOLLA said...

So is that picture of a pre-flex or post flex victory solute?

McSassy said...

Olaf has a semi me thinks.......

Kimberly Turner said...

i have the same problem...i should be working/inventing/doing science, and yet I'm reading all these crazy bike blogs! (or writing my own...). And after 5 weekends of racing you'd think i'd need a break, but I am bummin' about not having one!

X Bunny said...

he's going through withdrawals and the weekend isn't even here yet

PAB(a.k.a.CID) said...

my are just an incurable loon!

in a good way, of course...

russellp said...

"Admitting your addiction is the first step"...or something like that. But I don't think he's lookin' for a cure.

velogirl said...

is there a cure?

Nome Agusta said...

You need a hobby.
Or you need to build something. Might I suggest a bike garage?
And dig the foundation trenches by hand using a pick and shovel... in the summer, none of this panzy ass renting tractor crap.

Brent said...

loosing is the only true cure.
but believe me thats no fun so I recommend winning (team or individual) whenever possible or just at least be responsible for shaping the outcome of the race.>

Race until they move you to a rest home and feed you apple sauce from a spork.

damn roadies...