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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

pro schtuff

is it just me,

or is the pel-O-ton becoming entirely too ...


It's as though the euro-pro's have all been soaked in cotton-candy, or somthin'.

Salvodelli's soft blue bubble butt and matching powdercoated spaceballs helmet ...

may be fast ... but,


somebody get me a set of crayons.

- - -

Basso ...

he's an Italian pro cyclist who has been soul deep in the old-school system since before puberty.

and we thought he didn't dope?

... still, i just loved the way this guy pedaled. But, he's gone. And, i've nothing but hope he gets banged with a scarlet red DNA stamp of "cheat."

- - -

USA Crits Southeast Series ...

gawdamn i wish i was doing these. what a bunch of madness down there in the land of humidity and squirrel killers. The attackers are having their way ~ Kat Carroll takes Athens for Aaron's, Rollin nails the big win for Sierra Nevada at Roswell, and Cheerwine's Benjamin grabs a big win at Beaufort.

these need to be filmed and vid'd on

- - -

FLandis ...

are we there yet?


X Bunny said...

yum--cotton candy

bbElf (a.k.a. panda) said...

That washed-out grey & pink really fit the Horn Cob (I'm sooooo co-opting that); the kit goes with the smarmy, red-face, no-gloves thing he's got goin' on.

Brent said...

I think it's just you. Pastels are in baby!

I was hoping for 2007 we would be going more "Gnomish" than Hummelish.

Grey said...

re: basso. sad, but agree.

i liked that photo of horner, all old skool, no tt bike for the 'technical tt.' and he smoked it. it made me look at all the other photos of the stage to see if he was the only one with that bike choice (assuming he didn't flat or something).

Velo Bella said...

why didnt the hummel use a TT setup? Ben Hur?