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Monday, May 28, 2007

good, bad, and the ugly

memorial crits today, hosted by them San Jose hotties.

good crew that puts together this weekend of racing. tight ship, good venue, tough logistics ... well done all around.
- - -

In the crits, the VB women were just perfect. The field was nice and stacked with PROMAN, TIBCO, MetroMinties and others ... so, i asked them to do their best to save matches, follow attacks when necessary, and get ready to launch wicked in the final laps after the big teams got done beating on each other proper.

TIBCO's Brooke Miller was on the offensive early and often, but nothing stuck and there didn't look to be the right mixture ever bubbling up. At one point, TIBCO's Marple and Minty Amanda Eaken went up the road. They committed to it after a bit of negotiation between the two ... but, help arrived in the pack and the move was silenced.

The VB's attacked hard in the final laps ... showing the beast some bravery and i was very pleased. TIBCO started a massive leadout at two to go and the crowds on the sidelines gave a collective "how can they last with that speed?"

ah ... le oops. miscount.
they'll never do that again.

On the real final lap, Olds went ballistic with a good chunk of mileage to go. It was a nice clean solo-shot to the solar plexus.


Smart, strong racer.

New VB Natasha Perry was able to swing it big for a nice 3rd place behind Minty's Amanda Eaken.

good result, that.
- - -

Our geezer race was pretty cool. The first half was 400 hundred moves and we were represented in all of them. Eventually 4 went up the road ... a massive Merril Lynch dude, Form Fitness' John Ashe, and Pete Brown of Cal Giant (oh, and me). Ashe was a monster and about ripped the deal to shreds. But, the Lynch rider was a bit too crafty for him and used rode him nasty when i attacked out of our group to try for the win.

In the end, i was able to sneak another MenInBlack win, with the Lynch 2nd, Ashe 3rd, and Brown 4th. Good hard race.
- - -

Me n' Sabine bailed out on sticking around but got word about how the prosey race shook down. Jeffe struck up a 6-man break with SteveyRean of the BigBerries. Reaney took the sprint ... but it was his first race of the day ~ so, we'll call it a draw.

Big unfortunate business came in the form of a last lap crash in the field. Andy JM went into a pole in a bizarre missap and was flighted out for safe measure. Doc Soni told me that she thought he was all solid - but safety measures were taken. And, we all know the deep bruisings are the most painful. So, please send best wishes to the JaquesManiacs.

I'm sure Anthony will let us all know when to shuttle the get well chocolates and fan mail. Check the Strawberry site for news.

- - -

be safe out there, ya'll.


Kimberly (aka. DrKim) said...

congrats on your win! very cool...

so sorry to hear about AJM. There is a little thing posted on BJM's blog but says he is still waiting to hear. Hope he's ok.

Miller said...

Anthony will have updates by tonight I'm sure... he was on the way home from the Hospital last I heard..

Miller said...

That is to say ANTHONY is on the way home from the hospital...

Miss Mary said...

just got home from the hospital. family's all there and AJM has a bruised lung, ribs, broken collarbone and a banged up hand.

he'll be in the hosiptal for a few days & i'll will be over to visit tomorrow and will update.

thanks to all the strawberry guys for helping me get josie to the hospital with all andy's stuff loaded in the car & to the person who found his glasses.

and big thanks to steve & shannon for waiting with us in the er & icu for hours, and for helping with family stuff. & anthony for also coming in support. huge, huge, hugs to you all.

Miss Mary said...

AJM update,

just spoke with josie & fam, night went really well and the doctors have cleared any head injuries (meaning no head injuries) and are now just watching his lung.

will be posting an update on the ncnca forum for the family.


Nick said...

I hope Andy gets home and heals up soon.

Congrats on you win. I need to start playing the Lotto ;)

Good to see you, thanks for letting me play, for a bit at least.

pedro said...

First off, such tough luck for AJM, heal fast, rest up, and all the Berries are thinking of ya. Just by way of clarification, Hernandez' attack at 1.5 to go was crafty, i was caught out, no wheel just wind. i TT-ed home but was swallowed in the final corner, no 4th, just last. Heartbreak bridge. Fun race though!

Pete Brown

Miss Mary said...

update on AJM can be found here: