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Tuesday, May 29, 2007


The Jacques-Maynes are two icons of American cycling. They are a couple of those rare birds that are able to travel the lands on only 3 letters - AJM or BJM.

All afficianados will know who you're talking about.
- - -

Drummed up from the dirt lands of single-speedian sCruz country, these two boys clawed and pummelled their way to the top. Andy is one of the best cyclocross racers in US history. He works the pile-driver schedule at Specialized doing big-brain mech-engineer stuff and yet, still has the discipline to be able to win big Cross races.

BJM is known for his stage racing exploits ... but, we'll see how far he'll take track and time trialing in the near future. Olympics.

they're just 28 years old.
- - -

So AJM blew out a collarbone, sledged his shoulder, and did the lung-buster special this weekend at the Memorial Crit - the expected injuries for a 35mph headlong into a lightpost.


If it'd been me, of course, i'd be pushing up daisies. I don't have enough muscle-mass to withstand that kind of punishment. But big bad AJM probably snapped that pole in 3 places and then stomped it bloody with anger for good measure. What a horse. And, i'm sure he'll be on the trainer within' 3 weeks.

That's legend.
- - -

From what i've gleaned of the JM's ... they're in that excellent spot of life - young enough to still spit vinegar and talk a little trash about the little things. But old enough to start treasuring the moments, seeing how they slip past ... realizing these things too, shall end.

And they've got good women. Goldi is the rock. She's hot and sassy with a laugh that makes you feel it in your belly. Josie is dainty and effervescant ... but steel underneath. Steel.

These women make their men better.
- - -

oh, life.

this expiring paradise is a thing to be treasured,
clocks ticking down around us.

if ever you live under the boot of true tyranny,
you will understand.

if ever each breath taken is metered out in fear
of observation, judgment, punishment ...
you will understand.

and cherish.


Hooptie said...

They are both the best bike handlers in the biz. This kinda shit can happen to any of us on any day.

Dont be a douch bag and wear your helmet on group rides.

Get better AJM!

Brent said...

damn.. I am glad to hear he is recovering...

Jen and I wishing him well.

Kimberly (aka. DrKim) said...

nice post. it got to me. Glad AJM is doing better.

Greg said...

This is a phenomonal post and I hope you do not mind if I re-post on my blog to explain to some homies out here in Boulder about what these brothers mean to cycling...but more specifically Bay Area cycling. I used to watch them in awe at Surf City and CCCX and learned infinite amounts. Anyhoo AJM's NOT DEAD! You're right, he'll be spinning in a couple-1 3, 4 weeks.