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Sunday, May 27, 2007

no, please ... hit me again

i got hammered today.

- - -

Learning the fine subtleties of the track are one thing ... but learning how your body is going to react after 5 hours of track giggling?

that might take awhile.
- - -

Wohlberg and Jackson Stewheart went 1-2 at Hamilton today. The p1/2 field went up Hamilton today in under 68 minutes today.

mutha-bleepin-christ on a stick.

68 minutes to ride uphill for something like 20 miles.

screw those guys.
- - -

we geezers went a couple minutes slower than that ... but it was still pretty damn fast. fast enough to drop my sorry ass.

oh, the pain.

my thighs felt like somebody had been trying to punch me in the groin a few hundred times, but kept missing.

make the bad man stop
- - -

Taz and Pasco were stellar in the race. Pasco protected him all First Knight-like and Dan took the win from the Disco-Geezers. it was a good day.
- - -

i didn't get a chance to hear much else about how the day went. i'll hope to get some updates soon. i was pretty much bonksville after the race, so rode straight to the nearest sandwicherie and pigged myself out. then i started the pedalins back to San Jose and after some miles of "the track doesn't have hills ... the track is good" ... i got swooped up by BJM, Woolie, JStew, KenHandsome, and the AJMotor.

hell yeah. i hopped on that train for the ride back and am now sippin' the last of the margarita mix at home.
- - -

and i get to race a couple crits tomorrow. Life is Good, beeyatch!!!


Lothar Glerbny said...

kick ass tomorrow in the crits

...let's see, I'll be flying from Memphis to Dallas to Albuquerque to Dallas to Richmond...oh the insanity!

Please, someone, make it stop...

alicat said...

i had a rough day too...did the car shuttle, pinned some numbers, drank a big ole latte, and am sippin wine as i prepare lamb and goat cheese souffle. please don't make it stop...oh, but i did a little work by taking lots o finish photos. you can find them soon on our site.

Lothar Glerbny said...

I did a little work as well...nah, I had a little fun, yummy

Can't wait to see the pix. I may need to "borrow" one to finish the above post.

PROMANgirl said...

i was knackered after track racing yesterday, on a good day i couldn't dream of racing Hamilton, never mind how i felt today - completely hammered, you've got huge ones for trying! see you tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

I think the track tore up Chris and Andrew also.

Kimberly (aka. DrKim) said...

any women's results anyone? Sounds like a fun race. I didn't race today so I need to live vicariously through everyone else! I did slightly beat my PR on my benchmark climb, though :-). It's the small victories...

CyclistRick said...

I worked about as hard as alicat, and sat next to her as she took all those photos. Bit o'hassle to get those folks to Isabel Cr. then the vehicles, trainers, etc. back to the finish line.

OV, missed your fly-by at the end as I was packing the shuttle-box for the trip home, but Ms. Chatterbox said she did a shout out.

PROMANgirl said...

Women 1/2/3

1st Brooke
2nd G.I Jane
3rd Rachel Lloyd

QOM Shelley Olds who attacked the climb got 3 mis on the field at QOM, still had a minute on them at feed zone, made it over last climb and got caught, Rachel attacked several times, split the field, got outsprinted by brooke and Jane.

Auffderbach said...

The Hamilton race was NOTHING like Google Earth led me to believe it
would be. The satellite photos
made it look like a casual downhill
with a lovely panoramic view of the
valley. A few of us were considering bringing some wine and
cheese for the last couple of miles while we enjoyed the mellow descent. Youch! Was I duped!

chatterbox said...

ov - I feel your pain. Even though I only led the beginner club ride on Saturday, I still spent the morning off the back. Due to the intestinal virus that's been killing me all week, I was off the back much sooner than usual. But, my goal was just to show up and complete the race, which I did.

And, I got to cheer on the proseys when we got neutralized in the last technical descent. I saw your two boys in the lead group come by about 6 miles from the end. Didn't know who was who, though. And, got to cheer on Team Rwanda near the finish. So, a good day. And, Velo Girls took second in the W4 (no thanks to me)!

Kim - first in W4 was Tanya Davis from NorCal Velo - a team I don't remember racing previously.

Kimberly (aka. DrKim) said...

Chatterbox and promangirl: Thanks for posting the women's results!! Hope it was fun...sorry you weren't feeling your normal self, chatterbox, but great job for getting out there! I didn't race this weekend..but I'm sore from all the climbing I did...ouch.

CyclistRick said...

Big couple of weeks for Brooke. Comes back from playing around all spring in Europe, does her dissertation defense on Monday, then comes out on Sunday and kicks some butt on Hamilton.

Steven Woo said...

The amazing thing to me about Brooke winning is that the day before she wasn't sure if she was going to race until the last minute because she didn't have a ride back to the start.