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Thursday, April 05, 2007

stupid time trials and stupid time trial bikes

so, after the CVC time trial spanking i received ... i decided that the tt bike HAD to be dusted off and hooked up to life support. I mean, it's not really a time trial bike. It's just a regular 'ole frame that has one of those loopy-Look ergo stems that can contort and wriggle around to get you low over your front wheel.

i hate it.

But, after seeing the video footage of JUST how high and wide i was in that stupid CVC time trial ... i figured anything would be better than the clip-on blues.

uh ... i was wrong.

Notes to self:

  1. don't drink brewskis and talk biker smack with Jen Jen while putting your TT bike together.

    ... it looked like something an ADD kid would do with an erector set.

  2. don't think a lunch ride on the thing will get your body "dialed in"

    ... i'm peeing blood.

  3. screw TT's and go back to your crit whoredom.

- - -

But, seeing how buttah some of these guys are on their TT rigs has got me at least wanting to give the stupid position a chance.

So, tonite i'll see if i can survive the Swanton swatdown.

... retarded bike racing.


shawndoggy said...

Thats funny -- I was gonna give you a hard time about you saying "I just cant TT" in your CVC report. You'd be hella more competitive if'n you got a real TT rig. That pic looks like you put aero bars on my grandma's three speed. It's an arms race, and you're losing.*

*none of which is to say that you could not whup my rear end every day of the week on your granny bars tt rig.

Velo Bella said...

Oh! Swanton tonight. I totally forgot. Thats why you were working in the TT rig last night.


I'm so out of it sometimes. Sorry love!

Okay then, I am going riding after work too...seeing how its good for my fitness and all.

Muah muah muah

Anonymous said...

Oh my friend you know it's time to dust off that Cinelli Lazer with yin and yang discs colored red and blue. They would pulse off a very mystical purple that , with your "Seal Your Faces" bandana would be sending out a street cred beem that has a one hundred mile radius.

Aro bars smero bars you know it's all about bull horns with your ass up int he air and you chin down over you 26" wheel.

Fell it baby.

lauren said...

you should wear a space ball helmet.

that'll make you go faster for sure.

lauren said...

maybe if i were a more serious person, i'd go faster too.

maybe i'll wear a space ball helmet to my next mtb race.

nosajpalnud said...

SD pretty much summed it up, but feel for ya cause my solution is kluge too well not quite that bad, but at least you've got a disc.

Your back is flatter and your position more aero in the drops like you ride in the crits. You just had to have an excuse to work everyone in that crit!

Nome Agusta said...

I need to come out for one of those TTs. I just had my position completely overhauled last night by Rick at Eden. I rode it today and for the first time in many moons I felt like I might be able to make the damn thing go.
Major everything that had a bolt.

L. Christmas said...

Wind tunnel!

Hooptie said...

Don’t feel bad, at least your GF didn’t beat you by 45 mine did.

captain sassy pants said...

just get crunk.....thats what I do.

As for the TT position, you need more STD's to counter balance the peeing blood.

X Bunny said...

i can lend you my old green turtle'd look better than that white one

ok, barely