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Friday, April 06, 2007

ask and ye shall receive

well ... better late than never.

VN takes a look at the US Open and talks it up a bit - even mentioning it'll be on NBC.

hey ... maybe that means they'll cover Copper, too?
- - -

i hate time trials and stupid time trials hate me.

rode out to Swanton last night waaaaaay too early and ended up sitting around in the cold wind and froze my ass off waiting to start. what a shivering pile of geek.

oh well, at least i got to see Stellar in her spaceballs helmet and VeloBella TT rig. Actually, she looked pretty fast, i must say. But, it was her first ride on the thing and i think we need to switch our her tt bars to get her position a bit mo'betta.

i'm hoping she rode in the low 32's, or maybe even under. She looked very good when i saw her - but, i skiddadled out of there after my finish to lick my bleeding hoo-haw and get my ass back to the office and a heater.

What a tricky thing this aerodynamics is ...

too low and you cut off your diaghram (not to mention za'wiener). too narrow and your lungs compress. poorly placed saddle and your ass is on fire from the get go. wrongly positioned over the bottom bracket and power sips away like a slowly deflating balloon.

sad little balloon.
- - -

The wind was bad last nite for the TT. I definitely had my bars a bit too low and a bit too close. It looked like i was crouched over an egg, trying to break it open with my knees and scramble the thing up. Sitting around in spandex for 20 minutes against the bitter ocean wind, we all froze like a bunch of bicycle popsticks.

The first few minutes of the TT were brutal. Hunched over the bike, flailing like a 2nd-hand beater, my hamstrings and glutes were just screaming at me. It felt like i couldn't put out more than a couple hundred watts. Most of the descent had to be spent stretching out the ass-end to try and uncurl all the bunched up muscles. I'd say about halfway out the body started to open a bit and riding commenced.

The last time i rode this TT, i just did it on my rode bike in the drops ... like i was at a crit, yo! And, this time ... with the egg-drop position over the front wheel ~ i forgot to make adjustments for cornering speeds.


about dusted myself off the road a couple of times. and, i don't even want to talk about how crappy the turn around was for me. but, in the end ... i have to admit that aerodynamics plays a pretty significant role in the effort.

so, i'll give it another few goes.
- - -

stupid fukking bike racing.


shawndoggy said...

too bad this guy is on the east coast... surely you could work out your position in his home made wind tunnel.

Post a pic, man. Discussion of your new TT position is nothing without pics!

McSassy said...

God I want you right now!!!!!!!



Velo Bella said...

you're funny

Velo Bella said...


is Sasser flirting with you?

McSassy said...

Who me?

I love geeks ya know.......cant resist.

Tell my friends I could be gay all the time except for the sex part.

What that means I have no idea, but its funny.......kinda.

Mike, call me (wink wink)

Ok just kidding


banks said...

I'm setting my DVR for tommorow's national broadcast first thing when I get home. Thanks for the heads up.

Funny that VN picked Dominguez as a favorite, same as you.

emily said...

at the visalia tt, my turnaround would have been faster if i had dismounted, turned the bike around, and then got back on. you could practically hear the collective "OOOOOOHHHH" from the spectators....
p.s. scott wishes you were a girl with all your compliments for him. :)