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Thursday, April 05, 2007

your daily VsNooze rant

What kills me is ... we've got an NBC nationally televised event coming up and VeloNews is running a splash on Ignatiev.

I mean, i like the ruskie kid and all ... he's got fire and rides it smokin' hot ~ and, who doesn't want to hear more about a team that gives all those ex-dopers a chance to rekindle careers...

But come on! Let's see some hype about the upcoming US Open race ... or maybe even some Sea Otter smack talk about who's wielding what clubs. How about an interview, or three, with some American pro cyclists that ... actually race in America?

Don't get me wrong - there are few who follow international cycling as closely as I (total geek disclosure). But, if you want to grow the sport in America - and, don't you think that's the way to affect your bottom line sales/revenue flows, VN? - the long-term way to do so is to generate stateside heroes ~ stateside interest in stateside racing.

Showcase these riders and people will be drawn to them.

Slipstream, Healthnutz, PriorityHealth, Webcor, Lipton, Cheerwine, TIBCO ... hell, even those bike'tards with Rock Racing ~

highlight any of them! Give the fans a chance to know more about these teams and individuals - show them the personalities, the dramas, the ambitions and sacrifices.

Connections will be made and long-term interest will develop.
- - -

Or ...

maybe you're just putting all your eggs in the video basket?



Brent Chapman said...

Yep.. Thats why they are called VeloSNewz...
I guess they want you to buy the magazine instead of reading on the web.

go geezers at cooper

banks said...

Couldn't agree with you more about VsNooze lack of US coverage.

Chris said...

Lagutin, Lagutin, Lagutin!

You wanna profile a Russian? Go get him. Sprint title at DePanne, a 140k two-up break in stage 2. Always there at ToC, climbed friggin' Sierra Grade next to Bettini. Dude's so scared to get sent back to Uzbekistan he's practically paying to race.


bbElf (a.k.a. panda) said...

But how about that tidbit about the composite collegiate women's team? Pretty spiffy...

kerulicious said...

velonews is like vegi bacon. and no topless shots of the collegiates, what the hell?

more english trike racing!!

diskzero said...

I am glad I can see the domestic heroes on local training rides, otherwise news would be quite scarce.

Brij Lunine said...

You called it Hernandez. It's just too obvious--one can barely follow domestic racing other that Redlands, Georgia, Philly and a few others. Velonews has got to build it up a little. And this is the year, there's more parity than ever.

Always great to read your blog--you're prolific.


L. Christmas said...

Good call! even Cyclingnews, based in Austrailia (?) does has more US coverage then VN....