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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

the break that snapped Georgia in two

holey shyte ...

14:38 EDT 106.2km/84km to go

Janez Brajkovic (Discovery Channel) , Gianni Meersman (Discovery Channel), Christian Vandevelde (Team CSC), Rubens Bertogliati (Saunier Duval - Prodir), David Canada Gracia (Saunier Duval - Prodir), Ivan Santaromita (Quick Step), Kevin Seeldrayers (Quick Step), Timothy Johnson (Health Net), Jeffry Louder (Health Net), Ciaran Power (Navigators Insurance), Lucas Euser (Team Slipstream), Tyler Wren (Colavita/Sutter Home), Scott Nydam (BMC) at 13:50.

The world turns upside down as lil' Lucas (once again) makes an excellent break in a big Tour. (who will chase?)

I'm sorry folks, but that boy knows how to peddle his bike and I hope Slipstream has a firm grip on what a good buy they've made.

If that group heads into the finish with over 5 minutes ... you could be looking at a very interesting jaunt up Brasstown.

and, the TT?

This is great to see ... the favorites put aside for riders who risk.


Olaf Vanderhoot said...

the break is 70k from the finish @ over 17 minutes.

... Disco bets on Brajkovic. CSC thinks Vandevelde can nail the TT. Saunier Duval has Canada to cook up Brasstown. And all the US teams are just fukkal happy not to be chasing.


Miss Mary said...

18.25 now

wholey moley

veloandvino said...

not good for PH:( Good for Lucas!

jeninsb said...

23 minutes?! wholey moley is right.

Hnet did good to put two in that move.


chapski said...

yah Lucas!

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

i'm picking Powers to win the stage.

veloandvino said...

i'm going to get some nutella and beef jerky right now.

jeninsb said...

Oopsy. Powers and gravity just had a disagreement.

I like Rubens B unless he killed himself with the little attack thingy.

Hnet's the only one with numbers.


Anonymous said...

A couple cutty-paste's for ya from Year One of the NorCal League results. We weren't quite a development program then...but it's cool to see what they're doing now. MK

Jr. X (expert) Men 18-under
Rider School
Skyler Bishop Acalanes High Lucas Euser Napa High
Steven Cozza Petaluma High

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

Disco takes the stage ...


jeninsb said...

Right there with ya.


Anonymous said...

HNM Jeff Louder MADE that race. reminded me of a certain bagboy..never stop attacking! Great race and the finish was incredible to watch!


Olaf Vanderhoot said...

and now the GC cogitations begin.

shame a US domo team couldn't get another stage.

ah well.

tomorrow's TT has become very interesting now.

... for the afficianados.

for the sportos - now it's boring because the big names are out of it.

Anonymous said...

Was there a crash in the final 100K? Maybe they'll give Levi the same time as the winner.

chapski said...

i love this live video..

dr-nitro said...

It could not happen to a nicer guy. Lucas rocks both on and off the bike. He was getting somewhat down a few weeks ago, being put in the domestique roll at Redlands and not being able to shine. He rode strong at the U.S. open, and now this. This should help to keep his stature in the team. And I'm sure that he'll be looking to bust a move on BTB.

Nome Agusta said...

About that Subaru Women's kit comment:
You have to admit, some women can make anything look good/sexy.

That gal is almost as cute as my wife...almost.