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Thursday, April 19, 2007

quick random rants from the hosebag


Disco's "team leader" for Georgia ... yeah, right.

"Sure, Tom will be disappointed but that's the way the race goes. If you have a breakaway and you have two guys in there, and the rest of the teams decide they don't want to win the race, that's too bad. They are the losers." Bruyneel
I guess there is a difference in Disco now ... "We had Brajkovic who was one of three protected riders in this race." They are racing for the win and not for a rider. You've got to respect that ... but that means if you're TommyD ... you've got to pull out the knives and cut open your own chances.

You've got to go get it Tom.

- - -

Missing teams

Priority Health and JitJoe's ... i can't believe they weren't chasing yesterday. If you belong there, ride like it gawdamit. With Tinkoff and Lotto - there would have been assistance. And what's more, there's the chance that Disco, Saunier, and Toyota finish it off if you get them close.

i'm sorry ... but that was amateur racing in the big leagues.

we'll see what Ben has to say about it, but ... i'm disappointed.
- - -

Whiney bitch

i'm complaining about 55degree weather.

- - -

Wente frutatta

Us local poseurs have the Wente weekend coming up. It looks like there won't be many local Pro's showing up ... maybe HNutz Kilem or maybe an odd SoCal based pro up for some miles. Should be a good day for AJM to pulverize the universe. AJM is flying right now, folks ... please, Specialized ~ send him to Taiwan for a couple weeks to kill his fitness. Otherwise, the poor NorCal proseys are in for a bucket full of spank.

In the women? PROMAN and ValueAct have to be the favorites right now. Touchstone will have their climbers in full effect ... but, this is a race for the fit, not the pure climbers. And, after all the NRC jaunts of late ~ i'm thinking this could be the breakout of riders like VAC's Brown or PROMAN's Zell.

And us geezers are going to be banging heads like a bunch of rutting mountain goats. Oy ... it's so stocked this weekend. All the teams are up and fielding full guns. shit ... we're so behind the 8-ball for this one.

ah well ... might as well attack them fukkers.


PAB(a.k.a.CID) said...


that's just balmy.

we've had snow flurries the last three days.

XBunny has been out in shorts and short sleeves doing hill repeats.

Olaf, you're gettin soft...

jAndy donka-donk said...

EW will be at the start for his last tune-up before el salvador....

AJM better not worry about cleaning that 39 before this weekend, cuz he wont need it....

and yeah, yesterday was a bummer. Now we have to watch a bunch of one day races instead of a hot GC battle in a stage race.....

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

el salvador?

- - -

nobody better be going up that feedzone hill in the big meat. i can barely turn the little 27t.

and frickin' junkadonk ... wait at least 20 minutes before you go off the front solo and bash your head against it.
- - -

it's still a hot GC battle in JoeJah. just not between the big names. i don't see anyone beating Disco's Count Brakyvich, though.

first the Vuelta, now in Georgia ... Danielson lets it slip through his fingers to the waifer thin Slovenian.

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

Dominique Cornu (Predictor-Lotto) 46:32
David Millar (Saunier Duval - Prodir) 46:38

... so much for the return of Millar.

Velo Bella said...

Check out pappa Ben in CN

Anonymous said...

Jittery Joe and Priority Health were chasing themselves out the back. Welcome to the big leagues boy's This ain't the NRC!!

dr-nitro said...

Way to downplay expectations for you and your bagboys. I guess you can't win 'em all, but you know you will be gunning for it.

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

"I feel like I am passed my opportunity to go to Europe," admitted the 28 year-old. "It is not just about me or money, I don't want to miss my children growing up while I'm suffering over cobbles in Europe. They are what loosened me up, just having a family and focusing my energy on them is what helped me race better. I don't want to close any doors but it would be a big stretch for me to go over to Europe and I'm happy being a high level racer in US." CN

... that's man-talk, there.


Benjaminiac said...

...and that's all i have to say 'bout that.

McSassy said...

nobody better be going up that feedzone hill in the big meat. i can barely turn the little 27t.

If thats not an invite I dont know what is!


Nome Agusta said...

How about we let the course do it's business before attacking, let some shit develop a little? Every gawdamn race doesn't have to end in a breakaway. It makes racing boring because it's always the same race, just on a different course.

McSassy said...

Whatever!!!! :)


Kirkpatrick MacMillan said...

"So behind the eight ball"... Whatsa matter? Not enough wins for you already this year? Aren't you gonna call some poor slob out like you did to Phipps before Copperpopurarse just to turn the pressure elsewhere. Very highly elevated pre-race pshyche tactics... I love it.

Nome - come on, begging for mercy ain't gonna get you anywhere with these assasins.

dr-nitro said...

Breakaways make racing interesting. It gets boring, though, when Olaf is always in the winning break.

Let's collude and break the monotony.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't AJM have a real job? He certainly wasn't at work Wed. AM.

McSassy said...

what does it mean to have a 'real' job anyway?


Olaf Vanderhoot said...

AJM wasn't at work in the a.m. on wednesday because he was probably doing Mt.Madonna hill repeats.

- - -

kirkpattymac ... are you saying i've studied Sun Tzu or Machiavelli?
- - -

Collude all you want, my pretties. Let's see if the BagBoys can rise to the challenge ... mwuaahahaaaaaha!

Anonymous said...

AJM is actually doing Goergia and it was BJM in the break last week at Sea Weasel

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

sea weasel ...

dammit, i should have thought of that one.

Anonymous said...

How do you know that boy so well?

Anonymous said...

I recall Damon Kluck scorching that feedzone hill at Wente one year in his big ring. I had front row seats. It was pretty awesome to watch. Kinda like VDB at Liege that year, when he and Bartoli were sprinting up La Redoute, minus all the dope.