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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

tuesday randoms

115+ people massacred in Iraq today ... carbombs.

virginia tech ... everyday, exponentially worse. but they're brown and read that other book and deserve what they do to themselves.

history will judge us.

go Kucinich go.
- - -

Will BJM go KOM?

I certainly hope so. I mean, if his team manager can't do the Disco and get him back on time with the GC boys after the late K crash that split the pack ... is there a real reason to go for GC? With the 130 lb wonder-climbers and a finish up that inhuman Brasstown ... is a top-20 GC something worth stinging for?

I say no. I say throw it all out on the table for today's stage and get yourself that KOM jersey.

go for it, Big Ben.

oh ... and this is why everyone should race cross.

skilz save sphincters.

... learn the hops.
- - -

MTB racing ~ crazy talk

I have to admit that i dug watching the short track out at SnOtter. It was like a UCI cross race ... you know, no barriers and all slippery slope speed. If done right, that short track is a good spectator venue. But, you've got to make it wide enough to keep riders in contention and tricky slicky enough to give the assassins chances to show off.

Katherine the Great was all over that short track. It was more than dominating ... it was a man-handling. Watching her grind away with such power and hurl herself down the descents ... i was overcome with admiration and awe, yawlping out, "somebody get her some raw meat, fer chrissakes."

But then came the cross-country ~ and she folded under the wattage per kilowatt mathematics, something dramatic. Gould was a monster out there, churning a smooth and powerful pedalstroke to an unyielding metronome's pace. Ungodly.

KCompt, on the otherhand, exploded like the pinata and was barely turning over the gear up that final, punishing climb. Still ... she's got her pro-game on, i tell ya. She kept in good spirits, was generous to her fans, and honored the race by sticking it out when she didn't have to and when the cards were absolutely stacked against her.

I find her an excellent woman to cheer for.

And though I dig the years of commitment Fischer and Subaru have given to women's mtb racing ... who in the hell threw up on these poor women? It's like the worst fashions of the 80's got blendered together and splattered sideways over their kit. And crickey, somebody let them know those helmets make them look like a MaryKay version of that Aliens monster Sigourney Weaver traded bitchslaps with.
- - -

Short track is all hoot and belgian beer festival ... but cross country racing is a different beast for the spectator. It's much slower, much more ~ contemplative. Out there, in the wind and under sun ... it's a day hike, a leisurely stroll amongst the flowers of the mountain top fields ... with occassional moments of appreciation as you get a chance to look into the eyes of the riders. The moments of contact are prolonged and personal.

You see them, clearly ~ and they see you.

very interesting, that.
- - -

no idea when the blogroller will be fixed. completely rudderless, yo.


ginmtb said...

Amazing slideshow shots - that's some crazy shite. I love the shot where BJM is closing in on the mom and child and they're scrambling to get the hell out of the way.

Agreed - those GF/Subaru kits are two words: UG LY.

marscat said...

160...and I was just saying the very same thing to's a massacre everyday there.

and i really like the Fischer stuff...

Miss Mary said...

ya, gin, but you noticed them didn't you?

I felt the same way about the sockguy kits, when little jewford pointed out that I would be remembering those kits for a long time.

but I prefer to remember really cute (VB kits) to really ugly kits.

VeloRainDog said...

um, i'm ready for a day without a shooting now. m'kay?

Velo Bella said...

that sequence of Ben, taking the line around the tree...awesome. I can't figure out how BMC crashed though.

ginmtb said...

He probably was watching BJM and was like, "Dayamn, that dude is good oh $hit here comes the freaking curb ahhhhhhhhhh!!!"

Chris said...

Maybe god himself needs all of our help

diskzero said...

Run little Timmy, run!

The Sayers belly slide looked like no fun.

Little_Jewford said...

Iraq: 66 killed in a market with one bomb, how many women? how many children? how many people just trying to make enough to feed their family? Even closer to home 10 or more americans killed in the last 10 days. One third of the deaths at VT, did they garner 1/3 or even 1/100 of the coverage?

GF/Subaru Kits: Stacy really digs them, earth tones are in. Honestly, I wouldn't want to ride one but they look great on the ladies, and would go mighty fine with one of those herringbone Vanderkitten hats

Velojuice said...

That BJM sequence was sick! Nice job Ben!

Velojuice said...

That BJM sequence was sick! Nice job Ben!