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Saturday, March 24, 2007

no news on the Redlands crit

some say the Redlands crit is the hardest in America ... i don't know about that ~ but, it is hard.

I can't think anybody but a TMobile rider will take it for the women. Tuetenberg, de Goede, O.Wood ... that's too much horsepower, methinks. But, maybe Miller or Pic can pull one out.

should be fireworks.
- - -

For the men? Well, since Dominguez got kicked out on yesterday's stage ... i reckon one of the Healthnut boys might get it. Or maybe that little weirdo from Argentina, Escuela or Esquirrelo or whatever.

I'm more interested in seeing who wins tomorrow, GC is up for grabs.

- - -

On the local circuit of racey-race ... junior rider Grant Van Horn won another hardman's race.

that kid has the goods. and, he's got a good head on his shoulders. Very cool.

I didn't hear who won the women's event, unfortunately.

and we were able to grab another one in the geezer field. so, yay for us.
- - -

ok, da'PAB is kicking me off their laptop so he can vid out some place for us to eat dins.

so, send word of Redlands if you got'em. and, have a good Saturday night, yo.

~m and da'PAB and BunX and Pasco and Taz


Velo Bella said...

According to Brent who talked to Jen (and both were very tired so this might be wrong) Ina attacked and Christine and Brooke (and maybe others) went with her.

Ina won and Christine took back the jersey.

Velo Bella said...

and muah!~

Anonymous said...

ina, laura van gilder, brooke miller, christine in a break...finished in that order. gap was prob only 30 secs, so christine did not take back the jersey. tina pic won the field sprint

Velo Bella said...

exciting nonetheless

PAB(a.k.a.CID) said...


pronounced "moo-uh", i presume....

Velo Bella said...

more like

mooo wah

Marco Fanelli said...

Re Grant winning today. It was pretty cool to see Klein urge Grant to put the pressure on the third time up the hill. Earlier he had been a little tentative but I think that gave him the confidence to really let it rip. Which was, as it turned out, unfortunate for some of us! Good thing he's going to Europe soon...

Also, congrats on your (team's)race today.

PAB(a.k.a.CID) said...

as long as there's moo...

AdamB said...

I thought Stillwater in the Nature Valley Grand Prix was the "hardest crit in America", with the sheer cliff of Chilkoot Hill.