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Friday, March 23, 2007

need fix

you'd think there'd be somebody out there willing to slide some results out over the interwebs.

dammit and heck all over!

who did what up Oak Glen today?


Janelle E. said...

Here's all I was super friggin tough - Mara Abbott won the women's race. More soon...

Olaf Vanderhoot said...


well, that's just a sinful amount of titillation, janelle!

and i shall nibble upon it like a greedy rodent until more shows up.

Velo Bella said...

Cool! Can't wait to hear more..

Taz said...

Wonder if Mara now moved into the jersey? Haven't heard from Bambam yet, will post details asap if they are not already here.

McSassy said...



jeninsb said...

so wishing we had live updates

(taps foot impatiently)

Ippoc Amic said...

anything yet...any thoughts about MSR???

Janelle E. said...

we might be seeing abbot in 3rd, curi in 5th, gomez in 6th for the GC. That's all i was able to get. Along with learning that the last 2 miles was something like 12-14%...

Erin said...

Was on the phone with teddyhuang when thorburn called him with the story. he hasn't called me back yet. must be a long story. grr..

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

yeah, those last k's are just crushers.

especially if it was hot.

hmm... if Abbott's in 3rd GC - it must mean that Neben and Thorburn must have come in within' 40seconds. interesting.

and Heal, Carroll and Bausch lost time?

very, very intriguing.

- - -

Milan San Who?

ok, i'm going to take a stab with Ciolek winning it.

McSassy said...

I'm picking Schleck for MSR!

He'll win with a bowel shaking attack on the Poggio.


jeninsb said...

schleck might get up the poggio first, but no way he gets down it. all those lanky arms and legs. awkwardo.

me likey the ciolek pick.

now, where's the redlands blah blah?

and why isn't cn or vn making themselves useful and giving us live coverage?

Biscuit said...

Early break, caught halfway. curi counters with 1/3 left with half dozen others, neben team chases (then just neben chasing), break 1 min at start of oak glen. with 5km neben, thorbun, abbot separate from field and within 20sec of break. The catch at 3k. Abbot attacked, neben didn't respond but quickened pace. with 1k, neben pulls away from thorburn. Abbot won, then Neben, Thorburn, Curi. Neben still in yellow. Thorburn, Abbot, Curi in 2,3,4 on GC.

Olaf Vanderhoot said...


double wow.

now they do it again in the circuit race.

but that Neben earned it.

but, she HAD to have some help in that chase.


Olaf Vanderhoot said...

well ... shut my mouth ~ i didn't think Moniger was in that kind of form. huh. And England? I had just told Sabine how he was looking more and more trapped as a domestique.

- - -

Brief (unofficial) results
1. Scott Moninger, BMC, 4:05:04
2. Justin England, Toyoya-United, s.t.
3. Anthony Colby, Colavita-Sutter Home, at 0:05
4. Andrew Bajadali, Jelly Belly, at 0:10
5. Ricardo Escuela (Arg),

1. Moninger, 4:14:36
2. England, at 0:078
3. Colby, at 0:12
4. Bajadali, at 0:29
5. Phil.Zajicek, Navigators Insurance, at 0:39

1. Mara Abbott, Webcor Builders
2. Amben Neben, Stahl-SC Velo
3. Christine Thorburn, Webcor Builders

1. Neben

Velo Bella said...

oh lookie...Moninger and England.


Olaf Vanderhoot said...

show off.

Boots said...

Heard from my manager that Moninger last won this stage 18 years ago.

Keep an eye on Anthony Colby. That kid's hard as nails and super-nice like a warm sunny day. It will all get decided on the last stage.

Brent Chapman said...

Jen C called. She said there were attacks early on like mentioned. She went into the early break but dropped off when the word came that the group was bringing it back in.

She said that she was in the group going up the climb but just couldn't hang on to the pace the leaders were going.. riders were dropping like flies.
Her teammate was in a bad crash early on and they waited for her to finish and took her to the med tent and just got in. Long day for her.

bbElf (a.k.a. panda) said...

I heard the YellowBug is sitting pretty in second place for the sprinter's jersey...

X Bunny said...

Brenty: give our howdy-hoos and hollers to Jen (Jen C)

Velo Bella said...


Taz said...

Leigh Hobson (Cheerwine) took the 5th spot on the stage and also now has the QOM point lead. She was also in the final break and collected some QOM honors because of it. Bambam was part of the early break that died a slow death, and then Leigh went with the Kuri move. Nice to see lots of aggression in the women's racing.