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Friday, February 02, 2007

my dawg shat on your biscuit

random rants ~

  1. when you go into a backwater sCruz coffee shop and the service is a little slow 'cuz the staff is wake'n'bake herb-eyed ... don't fukking get in their face about you having to wait 2 minutes to get your gawdamn coffee.

    you're harshing my high, and i ain't even tokin'.

    ... next time, go to starbucks whiteymcAssface.

  2. somebody told me we're changing clocks in March, or something.

    i think this means an extra hour of daylight given us after the workday.

    oh shyte ... i just creamed myself.

  3. Four-day workweeks seem civilized.

    Three-day workweeks sound ... enlightened.

    over 60 Iraqis were killed yesterday ... but it's not a civil war. and, we are protecting our national interests in the region.

  4. ignorance is a flat-foreheaded brute, muscling up to table, shoving aside the thinly visible others sat before him.

    eyes burn with greedy want, taut belly expands with noisy, wet, open-mouthed breaths as hands covet and scramble over a greasy, hoarded, dripping plate.

    hunched and bristling, snarls at the tin voiced protest of fair share.


Benjaminiac said...

do you have to work today? i'm gonna b in SC at noon...

go bikin'.

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

took my hooooky yesterday. nose on grind today.


VeloRainDog said...

you said "whiteymcAssface".

Chris said...

get 'em...take 'em to account

Anonymous said...

Mmmm, daylite saving time! MMMMMM, 3 day work week!

Hick said...


Since I just finished my monster 15 hour work week I'm gonna go out and ride now.

Love ya


Olaf Vanderhoot said...


lauren said...

"eyes burn with greedy want, taut belly expands with noisy, wet, open-mouthed breaths"

that's me and thin mints.

PAB said...

gawd i want a thin mint....

Benjaminiac said...

rode by your compound today.


almost ready.