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Monday, February 05, 2007

foggy monday randoms

while we went and played in Satan's Barbara, we left kiki da' kitty home alone Saturday ... she paid us back last nite ... lawd, i'm tired.

  1. Jorge Jaksche:

    "If I had given up three bags of blood by Dr. Fuentes," he continued, "And if they could be identified as mine by a DNA test, that wouldn't be enough for a doping ban. It would only show that I had given the blood. Giving blood alone is not a doping violation."

    that about sums it up.

    i think he should work in the Bush administration.

  2. oh man, the Velo Bella gals rode too hard on Saturday and were pooped out a bit for Sunday's Mothballs crit. But, the weather was gorgeous and the climbs kept coming. Good training, even if it zapped them for Sunday's speed. Still, they took 4, 5, and 6 and really made a big show of themselves. It was beautiful.

    lil' ninja Ryan and big Jen Jen were attacking all over the place in courageous moves. The Cat was ... superb. I mean, superb. Ippoc was gorgeous in her first high-end effort of the year ~ you can feel the form building in her lithe frame. Sabine channeled the Pasco ~ and damn, did she did her job well. And Heidi was all over the race, never really getting a chance to unleash her power. You could see it in her eyes, just burning and itching to go harder. Don't worry, Heidi ... you'll have your time.

    great race to watch. They made it exciting, raced on their terms, got in great training, and had the crowds cheering on their attacking spirit. But damn, that girl who won it was ... a monster. Huge power.

  3. my race blew. you know those days when everything is bass-ackwards? didn't get any warmup in, then a break went in the first few minutes and had to bridge across. There is that tingly, stuffed up feeling you get during the first hard effort of the day?

    ... yeah, felt like that for the rest of the 60 minutes.

    couldn't ride a straight line, blew rotations, and completely shit-canned the finish.

    i hate getting beat by socal guys (no offense, marco ;).

    I was trashed and zapped and didn't do the prosey race. Saw that Junkadonk got 3 of his RhVillians in the winning break. When i left, they had lapped the field and were already starting to attack out of it.

    hope they won it.


Marco Fanelli said...

Hey, it was nice to meet you down here OV! Wish I had made the break with ya... too bad I was pickin my nose when it went. btw, Mike Johnson is pretty hard to beat if you wait til the last couple of laps.

Aram Dellalian won the pro race thanks to some good teamwork pulling back a group that tried to un-lap themselves.

btw, we're not SoCal. We're central cal, superior to both North and South!

Peanut said...

I especially loved race description #3! The new cycling terms just about had me peeing in my pajamas! (it's bedtime here in belgium.)
Thanks for a great read! And please tell the Bellas I said hi!

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

central cal hooligans!

shawndoggy said...

That's true so-cal geography... anything north of the SF Valley is "Central" and north of SLO = "Northern". The other half of the state north of the SF Bay is obviously Canada!

bbElf (a.k.a. panda) said...

Hm...gave it a lot of thought, eh Jorg? Gathering supplies for a big, big crash?

Brent Chapman said...

i wish i could have races like #3. ;)
Course that might mean I would have to register for one first :)

jAndy donka-donk said...

I got my one other teammate in the break, the other two look-a-likes were Time Factory riders with three others on their side once we got back to the pack. Chris Walker being their main steed.

So yeah breaking out again we tried but it wasnt going to happen and those last two laps were a bit too much corner to corner wheel crossing madness for my likes....

So I pussed out to race another day.....

Anonymous said...

All the Real SoCal racers were in San Diego doing the Red Trolly Crit. The women's 1/2/3 race was brutal. First time I ever puked at the end of a race!

The men's race had to be fun, seeing that it was STACKED with all the Pro teams.

Ippoc Amic said...

OV - I appreciate your generosity of compliments...I'm looking forward to building upon this weekend...

we came back to see the end of your 2nd race and were sad to see just one safeway who wasn't you....