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Saturday, February 03, 2007

saturday nite ... legs up

While BJM was flying up Eureka Cyn in his 53x15 ... the rest of his boys were down in the Solvang area doing some sun-soaking. These girls chased them a bit through a valley.

it was sweet.

Ziwanski looks thin, yo.


Benjaminiac said...

i'm down in training lala land, maybe we'll see y'all out on the roads tomorrow?

PAB said...

looks lovely.

we miss all you guys!

Brennabella said...

Break my notso-teenage heart! It got above 40 degrees today in the Hood.

monk said...

T- diddy & I longed 5 hrs in the E Bay hills
today thinking about you guys.

The Solvang area hills look good, as I'm sure following
BJM did as well

Kick some So Cal ass tomorrow

Ippoc Amic said...

our legs were not up too long because we fell asleep by 7:30pm...old ladies...

that kobe beef must have had some sleeping additives

Velo Bella said...

no armwarmers, no February.

It was lovely.

X Bunny said...

i'm getting sunstroke just looking at that pic!

Flandria said...

it's nice here in SJ, 70 degrees - bet ya warmer there!