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Monday, February 05, 2007

and so

yoinked from VeloJuicey ... hate to have missed seeing this gem.

Groenny gives his "teammate" Nys a victory salute.

... Cross fukking rules, bitch.

- - -

stories pawed and played with
by delicate, mischevious cats.

a rambling life dreamed, forged -
memorable woman's experience.

days and days
of panda musings.

furious sounds
spreading silly sabotage.

the quiet doctors gaze.

boys giggling, tittering,
hiding wicked grins behind cupped hands.

pools of self.

never met, but known
laughed with
learned from



Steven Woo said...

Some English in there...

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

Richard bedankte voor zijn tweede plaats met een welgemeende "fuck-you".

... classic Woo, classic.

Jr. Curmudgeon said...

If you get a chance to see the cross worlds, check out the guy from Holland who flips off the Belgium crowd just before being caught right after his blazing fast start! Nothing like being booed by 20,000 Belgium’s at once!

Anonymous said...

don't try that at home cross-boy hernando... It will get you a suspension.

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

me? do naughties in races?

X Bunny said...

makes me think of how different this year was from the year before

and wonder briefly what the next year might bring

then settle comfortably into the now

Peanut said...

Richard gives thanks for the second place with a well-meaning "fuck-you." - my baby dutch translation.

Peanut said...

Yes, the guy from holland flipped off the crowd because they were boo-ing at him while he was in first because of the long feud between netherlands and belgium. Belgium has better cross racers while netherlands has better soccer players. In fact when groenendaal fell, the crowd went wild. I was listening to the info over the loudspeaker talking about groenendaal crashing but when the crowd all cheered, I second guessed my dutch and thought maybe the race was over and sven nys won! The boo-ing is a bit creepy and morbid in my opinion.

Peanut said...

and it was estimated over 35k fans. THere were still another 15k fans who couldn't get there because the trains were full!

X Bunny said...

....and chocolate chip cookies

Velo Bella said...

All Garmined up and no where to go...