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Monday, January 08, 2007

too pooped to post

Huge props to the CCCX boys for throwing down a supafine final race to their series. They had the old-school PA system of Rod's lungs and oversized vocal cords blaring full force. You could hear him sounding the war cries from a country mile. And they had the kegger going non-stop - and i think Gill had an IV hooked up from 10am on.

(pics shamelessly stole'd from Big Rick)

The course was a hoot. A shyte-load of pedaling, as in all CCCX circles, but a gazillion twisty-turns out on the course to keep you just on this side of dizzy most the race. Stellar walked away pretty handily in the women's event and won the series overall. That was cool. She was chased by JoJo - who's cross bike hadn't seen the outside of her bike box since Nationals.

Our own Bunny won the B's category overall ... and that's just crazy-talk. I can't begin to describe how warm and fuzzy that shit is.

Doc Soni won a cross series.

... you just have to know the story, i guess. another blog, i reckon.

Anyway ~ Camalicious kept his shirt on for the men and took home another CCCX crown. He deserved it just because he raced the entire year in that nasty-ass beard of his ... adding 35 lbs of aero drag per mph.

I was riding ok until a couple laps in, when i took that stoopid log barrier too fast and at the wrong angle, twisted up my back pretty decent and had to watch that Wolf Wyant walk away from me easily. The rest of the laps I just put it into "don't crash idiot" mode and tried not to embarrass myself too much in the twisties.

didn't work.

oh, and in the "hale yeah" category - dunno who set out all the killer photos, but that sure was nice. They printed off a bunch of high quality pics of folks and laid them down on a table to take. How frickin' cool is that?

But, the story of the day had to be Janel Lodge coming back strong from the big O-cancer. She came out the other side of that damned chemo and looks beautiful in her recovery. Surprising everyone, she got on her bike and pinned on a number to race a month ago. The first time back was an accomplishment - finishing, willing herself to be healed up ... kicking that sickness right in the ass.

Yesterday, though ... she frickin' raced. With power.

it was inspiration.

pure inspiration.


PAB said...

gotta come out of my blogging hiatus for a big HELL YEAH on this one!

Anonymous said...

that's a great quick report!

yeah bunny!

Anonymous said...

Congrats to Bunny!

Velo Bella said...

Go bunny bunny GO!!
and Janel is a stud and her sister is a goddess.

Anonymous said...

yay bun! soooper cool!

Ippoc Amic said...

very cool about XBunny's series' win

don't know Janel - but wow! very cool too...

yourselfie looks pretty cool at the front of the pack going up the hill...

Anonymous said...

waiting for bunny's report...

X Bunny said...

i got to watch janel's race up close and personal as i was behind her the whole race

but i especially enjoyed the beautiful smile on her face as she was pouring herself a well-deserved-one in the beer tent afterwards

velogirl said...

janel is one of my heroes. is that peach fuzz I see under her helmet?

go, bunny, go! you might be a hero too!

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

everyday heroes are so badass.