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Thursday, January 04, 2007

and then i'm outta here

i love this pic

- - -

gots one mo' CX race this weekend. gotta show the CCCX boys some love and pay entries to that fiesta o' pain.

I guess that means i'll have to give a wash n' lube to the Kona. Haven't touched it since Stellar and Krakulak almost killed me in the Basin.

ya know, it kinda pisses me off that i can't corner for shit on a cross bike. i mean, if it's a clench the butt, drop off the face of the earth descent ... i'm all golden and can bomb with the best of them. But ~ if you're talking the finesse and vision of nimbling around trees and shrubberbubs ... i suck like the Hoover.

And yet ... road-style ~ it's 2nd nature and i can spin the bike around like a ballerina. i can tilt tread 45 and laugh giddy-like with one eye closed. but you put me on one of those Pilarcitos mazes and i crash like i'm on the way to an AA meeting.

maybe i do need to practice me some bmx.


Anonymous said...

Maybe that's the reason for the dream!

It's funny.....I have the same problem.....'cept on the road. Yikes.

velogirl said...

you said bmx -- you'll get curly girl all excited!

Anonymous said...

I'll pack extras for you in my first aid kit.

Anonymous said...

can't corner for shit in the dirt = word.

Anonymous said...

that's a good pic!

puhlease! i've seen you race. you have plenty of finese.

cross is ballet. so much more then road. so much more spiritual.

so much more.

Anonymous said...

Olaf, perhaps you should joins us for a "crash" course in redwood avoidance!

Anonymous said...

sounds like you need to talk to Paul Sadoff

Anonymous said...

Ride a XR100 off-road motorcycle = fast in the dirt. BMX is better for sprinting. (in my opinon)

Not having to pedal free's up you attention to work on pure "dynamics".

With all that open space down there in the Cruz you could probley ride out you front door to trails......

Anonymous said...

Well at Pilarcitos it sort of helps if people don't jump out in front of you.

Referencing Pilarcitos 05'

X Bunny said...

if you teach me how to corner on the road, i'll give you some cx pointers....

Anonymous said...

Tire pressure baby. Go lower than you think is reasonable and you'll rail. Oh, and a set of A. Dugast Rhino's helps too.

Anonymous said...

I think the AA meeting will be for New Year's Eve, not for CX!